Memorial Day Lake Shenanigans: Part 1

Dirty little girl feet. Can't be helped at the lake. // Joshua learning archery for the first time ever.
Poncho. // Justin (aka Little J) getting ready to wakeboard.

I'm so proud of these! They may not be the best, but I shot in manual the entire trip and I'm really pleased with the minimal amount of editing I had to do.


Blogger Book Club! & Random Things

Madeline, Melissa and Taylor have joined together and started a Blogger Book Club,  and I think it's a great way for me to reach my goal of reading more new books every year, as noted in my Thirty by Thirty. We're reading one book a month for the next year, and it starts next week with The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

You can get all the deets here! I hope you'll join us! I can't wait to get started and see how other people feel about the books we're reading.
This week is the most awkward week, ever.
Monday was a holiday so I didn't work, and my bosses are going out of town on Thursday so I don't have to work that day either.

I took over three hundred pictures this weekend so I'm trying to go through them, delete the bad ones, and edit the only okay ones; so far my facebook album has fifty pictures in it. I obviously can't show you all of them, but there will be pictures scattered throughout this here blog in the coming days.

J and I have two birthday parties to attend this week, so things are super busy around here! I'm also hoping to starting shooting again soon. I haven't done it since last summer and it's really bugging me that I have shot a gun in almost a year.

I'm going to take another break from 5 for Five. I have so many other things going on and that I want to write about, that it's going on the back burner until further notice.

I don't think I'm the only one that's busy! How are things in your life these days?



Day 25: Things People Tell Me

Today's prompt: Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget (good or bad).

I cannot, for the life of me, think of anything to write for this post. I'm not sure if people don't tell me things, or if I just forget them. So I'm just going to talk about what I have planned for this weekend. Sound good? 

J and I are going up to his family's lake property, which is amazing and so fun every time we go. Most of the family will also be going, since it's a holiday weekend, which is even better! 

There will be a lot of eating, drinking (of water, for me, since I'm eating Paleo right now), and boating going on. Hopefully I will come back with a little more color and not horribly burnt with lots of pictures to share. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Day 24: 3 Worst Traits

I don't feel like being behind anymore, so I'm skipping yesterday's post.
Today's prompt is to talk about my top three worst traits...

1. I can be a total bitch or really forward. If someone says something that I think is rude or offensive, I'll let 'em have it and totally call them out on it and tell them like it is. I'm not sure that this a horrible trait to have. I just refuse to be talked to in a way that is inconsiderate of my opinions and feelings.

2. If I KNOW someone is wrong, I'll tell them so. Especially if I have to the research to back up my point. Mostly when it comes to nannying, carseats, babywearing, co-sleeping, and extended breastfeeding because those are the things that I feel most passionate about.

3. I'm impatient. If I find something I want. I have to have it RIGHT NOW. For example: I really, really want a new diaper bag. The one I have currently is just too big for my needs and doesn't have enough organization components for my liking. I found The Perfect One, but I already have one [Petunia Picklebottom Boxy] so I'm trying to sell one before I buy the new one.



Day 17: A Favorite Photo [Catching Up]

This one was taken in 2011, as part of my 21st birthday photoshoot. I didn't have a big 16th birthday party so I had a big 21st birthday party with family and friends. 

Aaaand, one from the actual party. Because we gotta keep it real. I love food. Party colors were black and pink. (: Maybe I'll recap the party for y'all one day.

Day 22: Gettin' On My Soapbox

Today's prompt is to rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

Because yesterday was my last day of school, what better day to finish out the semester than to complain about my professor? That's right, there isn't one. All college professors- take notes. 

If you're using a new book in your curriculum, read the entire book before you teach it to your students! You guys, my professor is using a new book this semester and she hasn't read it. She has repeatedly put things in the test study guide that she's neither lectured about, nor is it in the book. 

Keep Blackboard grades up to date. If it's not going to be used, thats fine, whatevs. I'll just ask for my grade. Do not half ass it, if you do decide to use it (same goes for high school teachers!). For example, according to Blackboard, I currently have a 75% in the class.  But my professor has said on several occasions that it's not correct. Uhm, HELLO! By the way, she can't give me my grade either. Unorganized, say whaaat? Yeah. 

Take it as a sign when fifteen or less people are in your class at the end of the semester. Literally. I was absent last week, but J takes the class with me and he said there were FIVE people there...

Needless to say, I'm glad it's over and I'm looking forward to starting a fresh semester in September!


Day 15: DITL [Catching Up]

I wake up around 7:15a, aka 15 minutes before I have to leave the house. I gather my food, backpack, and nanny things. Throw on clothes and finish getting ready quickly. I leave at 7:32a. There is a train that I have to wait for. Now the chances of me being late are greater than before.

I arrive at work at 8:20a- five minutes late. Awesome. I get filled in on the weekend and how L's 9mo well check went on Friday. His stats are all over the place and it cracks me up. He's in the 20th percentile for weight, 95th percentile for height, and off the charts of head circumference.

I make myself breakfast with a little dude crawling around my feet. Eat with four hungry, begging eyes staring at me. Try to keep L's hands out of my food and send the dog to his bed for the 10th time this morning.

Put L down for his morning nap. Our routine is as follows: change diaper, read for as long as he'll let me, turn on white noise and "Kenny G" music, swaddle, and give him his paci. It's 9:20a at this point.

When he wakes up, I let L play for a little bit as I prepare his lunch. He normally has a banana and a chicken, rice, & carrot semi-puree from the cookbook Start Fresh. I let L feed himself off of a plate. He finishes lunch at 12:15p.

After lunch, L plays a bit more. While he's doing this, I work on blog stuff, eat, and stuff diapers. I decide to bathe him. We play in his room for a while before I can tell he's starting to get tired. We got to the kitchen and I fix his mid-day bottle. I hold him while he feeds, then what do you know- he falls asleep and instead of putting him in his crib. I take in his clean baby scent and enjoy the snuggles.

He wakes around 3:15p thanks to the dog barking at someone coming down the street. I put him in his crib hoping he'll go back to sleep. But when 4 o'clock rolls around and he's still talking to himself, I give up. I go in, change his diaper and put a romper on him.

We play and eat snacks. He eats dinner at 6 o'clock and his mama walks in the door by 6:15p. We go over the day and chat a bit- today it was about the tornados in Oklahoma. After work, I'm going to J's to study tonight. I get home around 10:20p and turn in for the night a few hours later.

Are you tired yet? ;)

Day 21: My Archived Faves

Today's prompt is: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives.

Oh man. 
First off, I'll go with the top three most viewed posts of all time on my blog. The number of views these posts have in comparison to the rest is insane. 
Daily Infant Log
- Toddler Daily Log
Updated Daily Log Binder

A few more of my Nanny related favorites!
Vehicle Emergency Kits
- A Nanny Rant

My favorites from Blog Everyday in May...
Day 4: My Favorite Quote
Day 6: My Job

Personal Favorites
- All About J
- Simple & Delicious Chili
Write It Down, Link It Up; Love Letters

Have fun exploring my slice of the world wide web (:


Five for 5: Back in the Game!

I skipped Five for 5 last week. I completely forgot about it and instead of doing it super late, I took a mini break. ;)
1. Stick to my meal plan. I won't be home this weekend to eat my leftovers. No veering from what I planned.

2. Clean my room before I leave for the lake on Friday. It's a hot mess right now. I also need to plan what I'm going to take and not leave packing until the last minute.

3. Go to the gym everyday, except for today...maybe. I need to study for my final and school takes priority over working out.

4. Get caught up on everything I need to blog about. My list is super long, y'all. Especially since I missed a few days of Blog Everyday in May last week. Oiy.

5. Sell my Petunia Picklebottom Boxy. I found a new diaper bag thatis going to work so.much.better than the PPB. I don't carry a lot of things when I'm out and the diaper bag I have now is huge and it doesn't have enough organizational components for my liking. I can't get the new one until I get ride of the old one.

Happy Monday, don't be an Eeyore! :)

Day 20: Struggling

Today's prompt is: Get real. Share something you're struggling with right now.

You guys, I just want it to be over. I'm only taking one class right now, but when you work 48 hours a week, the class time plus the study time is A LOT. I just want to go to bed at 9 o'clock and not feel guilty that I haven't done the homework, or studied, etc. The semester is over tomorrow. 

Oh and the kicker? I'm thinking about taking two classes next semester. Because at this rate I won't graduate until I'm like 27. Can I win the lottery, quit my job, and go to school full-time so I can be done in like two years instead of five? Am I crazy for wanting to take two classes? Probably. Especially since I go to night school. The class I'm taking right now ends at 10:25p. But someone's gotta earn by degree. Hehe. That'd be me. Too bad I don't have a clone... 


Day 19: Playing Favorites

Today's prompt is: Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

1 // The Sticky Note Addict. Y'all know I love Paige! I love everything about her blog! PS- She just got a gorgeous new blog design, go check it out. I professed my love to her earlier this month. So if you really want to know why I love her blog, you can read that here

2 // The Mommy Dialogues. I'm crunchy, but not a hippie. We know this. So, of course, I had to include a natural parenting blog. Although TMD is in a transition period right now, I still love every single post. They do this thing called Mom Monday where moms submit stories and are selected for a spot. Most of them are birth stories, which are my absolutely favorite! 

3 // I Love You More Than Carrots. AP is hilarious and always keeps it real with her readers! She has two sons, Carter and Maclane, who are absolutely adorable. I love the little peek into her life that we as readers get to see! Like when Maclane was born, or more recently, when she fell into a hole...

4 // Loves of Life. Um hello! Have you seen Katie's daughters? Emeline and Lucy are pretty much the cutest. I think I enjoy both Katie and AP's blogs because they're telling similar, yet wildly different stories. AP has boys, Katie has girls. Both living in the Northeast. Both mamas, obviously. Like all my favorite bloggers, Katie keeps it real. She writes about the easy, as well as the hard things.

5 // From Mrs. to Mama. Her blog is essentially Becky's journal. She writes letters to her children, about the memories that would otherwise be forgotten, and a whole slew of other amazing family oriented posts. She is a critical care nurse who works nights, then cares for her kids during the day so they don't have to go to daycare. I deeply admire Becky for all that she does to provide for her family, and all on the tiniest amount of sleep. 

What are some of your favorite blogs? Please share them with me, as I'm always looking for new ones to add to my blog roll!

Day 14: The Ten Things [Catching Up]

I'm playing catch up from when I was sick last week! The prompt for today is: Ten things that make you really happy. I won't be including J, my family and friends, or my job in this list because I feel like those are no brainers. Of course they make me happy. Lets hone in on the little things.

1 // When I make it on time to work without rushing, like Friday morning. It was heavenly. I have a thirty mile one way commute to and from work everyday and the drive has to be perfect in order for me to make it without rushing.

2 // When days at work go near perfectly. L naps on time and for long enough. Meals are able to be made and are eaten without going cold. The dog is good and doesn't make me want to lock him in a bedroom.

3 // Sending and receiving snail mail. Because I know that the little note I wrote will most likely make my friend's day. I love receiving mail because I get to display it on my bulletin board and reply to whomever I received the note from!

4 // A clean room. Do I really need to explain this one? I'm busy. My room can get messy sometimes. I also enjoy basking in the awesomeness after I go on a cleaning spree. I know I'm not the only one. :)

5 // Cloth diapers & babywearing. My favorite cloth diapers are AppleCheeks. I am currently on a three months long no-buy for both cloth diapers and wraps/carriers, with exceptions of course. So come August, my stash will be growing. :)

6 // Weekend getaways to the lake. The first one of the summer is next weekend over Memorial Day! (:

7 // When my hair cooperates and doesn't make me want to chop it all off. I love my long hair, I really do, but it needs a trim and to be styled. I've been rocking the messy bun more than usual lately.

8 // Being organized and knowing of plans ahead of time. You guys know what I'm talking about, we all know people who wait until the last possible minute to plan things- whether it be big events or just hanging out. My weekends often fill up a few weeks ahead of time. Sorry, bro. A huge helpful tool for this is my Erin Condren Life Planner! I use the iCal in my phone as a shared calendar for J and I. My LP holds those plans, plus things for myself, school, work and my blog.

9 // Long, hot showers. I get in trouble for using too much water all.the.time, you guys. I just can't help it.

10 // Window shopping. I could go to the mall or different stores everyday for a week and not buy anything. Not including Target. BUT, I can walk out of Target spending less than $10. Holla!


Paleo Eats: Weeks 3 & 4

These two weeks sucked. I definitely didn't do as well as I should've been. Today is Friday, almost my "last day" of my month of eating paleo. But, I don't feel like I dove into this experiment with as much dedication as I should've. I was sick earlier this week and craved strong tasting foods. So I had chilli cheese fries...twice. I have had more donuts than I'd like to admit. So I'm restting myself.

I've decided to tack on another month of paleo eating. However, there will be days where I just can't eat 100%  paleo. For example, I'm going on a trip to the lake on Memorial Day Weekend. I don't expect special accomodations to be made, so I will just be doing my best and making due. But other than that all my meals and snacks will be paleo.

Due to my lack of dedication, I won't be sharing my meal plans for the last two weeks because I didn't stick to them at all. My meal plan for next week will be posted on Sunday morning. :)

Happy Friday! Have a fanstatic weekend!


Day 16: Lot in Life

Day 16Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to figure out what direction I want to go in...
I know that I want to be a career Nanny, and/or Lactation Consultant. But, I also want to be a wife and a mom. So I need to get my ducks in a row to be able to do all those things in the future. I feel like my to-do list to get everything in order is five miles long.

I'm in the process of taking small steps to minimize my debt and work on my savings account to gear up for the future. I don't want to have to live paycheck to paycheck, especially with a baby on the way and homeowner things to deal with. 

I also own a new car, and have a semi-hefty car payment to go with it. While I wouldn't change anything about my car (2012 Honda CR-V), I want to minimize my payment before taking on other big financial burdens. While it doesn't have to be paid off completely, I'd like to lower it by at least a hundred dollars. 

I think writing down my goals and slowly checking things of my list will make me feel more prepared and accomplished for whatever my future has to hold. 

I apologize for being MIA the past few days. My seasonal allergies have decided to kick in, which causes head cold like symptoms and makes going to work a task in itself. I will be doing two posts a day for the next two days until I'm caught up. I'm skipping Five for 5 and will start up again next week. 


Day 13: I'm Sorry

Day 13Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

Dear everyone I've ever shared a bed with-

I'm sorry for being such a bed hog, but I just can't help it. I just like to cuddle and be as close as possible to you. I'm sure my children will repay me for everything I've ever done as a bed sharer, so no need to worry there.

This is me.

With love, always-


Day 12: Things I Miss

Prompt: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I don't want to say that a miss a time in my life because I don't. I miss a portion of a time in my life. Remember back in high school when you got to hang out with your best friends whenever you wanted? That's what I miss.

I'm still best friends with my best friend from high school, as well as one of our really close friends. The catch? Now they're both married and moms. So hanging out whenever we want has turned into Girls Night In, babies included. That we have to schedule it weeks in advance, when we all have the space in our schedules.

The only thing I miss about high school is that we can't hang out on a whim or see each other everyday anymore. We see each other once a month if we're lucky.

And because a throwback picture to 2010 is only appropriate...
I was chief shirt maker back in the day, obviously. ;)



Day 11: Eleven Words or Less

Today's prompt is to sell yourself in eleven words or less.
Correction: I thought the prompt said eleven words or less. It was actually ten words or less. Whatevs. I'm still breaking the rules. 

Sometimes I break the rules...
If you want to read about me, browse my blog. I'm real and try too be as raw as possible when I write.

Here are some of my most popular posts:
Infant Daily Log
Toddler Daily Log
Updated Daily Log Binder
Write It Down & Link It Up; Love Letters
A Nanny Rant

Exploring the tabs below my header would also be a good idea if you want to know more about me. (:


Paleo Eats: Week 2

Because Joshua and I were out of town for the weekend of the 27th, I didn't have a chance to prep my food for this week. That's a bad idea. If you're going paleo, make sure to set aside time to shop and prep. This week totally sucked because I didn't have achance to cook on Sunday.

I was probably paleo only about half the time, but still tried to make smart decision when I wasn't eating the way I was supposed to. If my mom wouldn't have shopped for me even though I was gone, I would've been totally, completely screwed.

I know this update was really short, but it is what it is.
Week 3 was better.



Day 10: Remember That One Time I...

Whenever someone asks me what my most embarrassing moment is, I will forever tell the story about the time I was in the movie rental store with my dad...

I was about seven at the time, when we were picking movie for family night. I had wandered off, and a few minutes later heard my dad calling my name from the line. I walked up and instinctively held his hand without really paying attention to what I was doing. When I looked up, it wasn't my dad. I had mistaken some random guy for my dad based on the shoes he was wearing. When I looked up at him, he was just staring at me.

The seven year old in me will forever be mortified.


Day 9: A Moment

L is sleeping peacefully in his crib, with one arm out of his swaddle. His is about an hour into his morning nap and I hope it goes for another hour. I'm doing laundry and making a list so we can go to Michael's when he wakes up. We're doing a craft and taking photos for his grandmas today. I hope it turns out great. (:


Paleo Eats: Week 1

I'm currently in my third week of eating paleo (as of May 6th). Although writing about the first few weeks of my journey isn't in "real time", I took notes.

To set it up for you, April 6th was the last day I drank soda, if I'm remembering correctly. I was lucky to have a pretty great soda quitting experience this time around. I only had three minor headaches over the first two weeks. Not too shabby. I took half a dose of Tylenol if I left a headache coming on. Note: my headaches tend to progress quickly. If I don't nip it in the bud at the first signs, I will be miserable.

I began eating paleo on April 22nd, 2013. I will be sharing my meal plans in different posts, but I warn you that the first two weeks look very similar. There were only a few recipes that I knew about without having to research.

Week 1 was pretty easy for me. I had a sugar craving during the middle of the week that was so strong, and I really just wanted to eat a cupcake. I didn't miss grains as much as I thought I would. On that Tuesday, I had beans at Chipotle on my salad. I don't think beans are paleo but I had to make the best of my situation. On Tuesdays, I go straight from work to school and sit in class until 10p. I must not've packed dinner that night. My body handled the change in my diet well. Since I tend to have a sensitive stomach, for things to go that smoothly is impressive. The rest of the week was uneventful.

The weeks are the hardest part for me. At work I have time to cook as L eats and naps through out the day. However, on the weekends I have more busy, on-the-go type days.

Lesson: Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't get discouraged if things don't go 100% right. Stuff happens sometimes. The next meal is a new beginning to make a good decision.

That weekend (the 27th & 28th) Joshua and I went out of town to go retrieve the boat to get it ready for this summer. Eating paleo whilst traveling is HARD. Even if you have access to cookware and a stove. It's even harder to find restaurants that are accommodating to primal eaters, but I did my best.

Do you think you could go paleo?

Day 8: My Advice to You

I went through a job loss last year, so my advice is going to be geared toward those who've recently lost their jobs and are nearing the desperate point to find another. I lost my job in February of last year, after working with the same family for over two and a half years. It was out of the blue. I wasn't expecting it at all, and it was hard.

After my time with that family was over, I start the job hunt immediately with hopes that the perfect family for me would fall into my lap. Instead of keeping my eye on the prize, I became desperate for a new job so I could pay my bills and be financially stable again. I took the first job I was offered. BIG MISTAKE. They wouldn't give me paid vacation time, sick days, or even write up a work agreement. Something that I require to work for someone. I quit after fifteen days.

Then, after a few more months of looking, and babysitting for  a family I know for very cheap, I was offered another job. The family was moving here from New Hampshire. It was what I was looking for. I started working for the in July, but unfortunately their circumstances changed after three months and they no longer needed a nanny. One of their relatives would be moving to CA to live with them and get back on her feet after a rough time. They didn't need me anymore.

That led to two more months of unemployment and several fantastic interviews before I was hired by my current family. They're awesome, and amazing, and we get along really well. I've been working for them since November. I love it and I look forward to going to work everyday!

- DON'T waiver in your standards. People told me over and over to switch my job field, but I know I would be miserable if I did so. Not to mention that I would make nearly enough money to pay my bills, nor would I have found the family I work for now!

- DO file for unemployment. For the first four months I was unemployed, I didn't file because everyone made it sound really hard to do. After I was let go in September, I filed immediately.

- DON'T get discouraged. Everyone is looking for someone different. One of these times what the they're looking for will be YOU.

I hope this was helpful to at least a few people! As always I'm linking up with Jenni for Blog Everyday in May. Happy Hump Day!


Day 7: I'm Afraid

As always, I'm linking up with Jenni for these Blog Everyday in May posts. Today's prompt is to talk about the things I'm most afraid of...

I'm afraid of a lot of things. Some of those things are silly; like spiders and flying insects. Some might even see my fear of drowning as silly. I was a varsity swimmer and water polo player in high school. I know how to safety float for as long as necessary and escape a Rip Tide. I don't do the ocean, I will wade until the water gets about knee high, but that's it.

A lot of of my fears are real.

I am afraid of dying, even though God has already picked my time and there is obviously nothing I can do to change that.

I am afraid of Joshua getting hurt or dying at work (in the future), he is currently in school to get his AS in Fire Technology and plans on becoming a Firefighter. I am afraid that if that were to happen, I wouldn't be able to keep it together for my kids. I know it's rare, but it's a reality. I don't want to have to tell my kids that their dad isn't coming home.

I am afraid of getting into a car accident with children in the car. After my accident last June, this one is always at the forefront of my mind, especially if I'm driving during work hours.

I am afraid of losing any my family or friends unexpectedly. I can handle the knowledge that someone is very sick and isn't going live for much longer. I can come to terms with that. It's happened before. But unexpectedly? I don't think I'd handle that well.

What are you afraid of? 


5 for Five

I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica once again for 5 for Five!

1. W-a-t-e-r. I've been drinking a ton of water, although some days are less than others. I've discovered that I reaaally like fresh lemon juice in my water, so I've been doing that. It is awesome. 

2. Blogging 3x this week. Yessir. Since deciding to do Blog Everyday in May, I've done six posts just since Wednesday. I'm having a lotta fun with it. Are you dong it too? Let me know and I will do look at your blog! 

3. Turn in my paper tomorrow! Done. Fulfilled all the requirements an veven had time to proof read it, which was awesome because there were a lot of mistakes. 

4. Leave the house! L and I left the house everyday but one this week, which is pretty good. On Tuesday, we went to the library and checked out fifteen or so picture books for me to read to him. I'm having so much fun and L is getting really good at sitting thru stories before nap time. 

5. Come up with an awesome Mother's Day project for L to "do" for my boss/his mom. Done. You can see what craft I picked here. I think it's super cute and I know she's going to love it. 

I'm super stoked that I'm back to getting 5 for Five, especially since I didn't write them down or reference them until I wrote this post. Heeey. 

1. Hit the gym 3x this week, take at least one class. I just switched gyms from a less expensive gym without the bells and whistles to 24 Hour Fitness. 

2. Walk J's dog 3x this week. I cared for Joshua's family's dogs over the weekend while they were out of town and I took their Chocolate Lab for a three mile walk. I loved it and so did he. He's a working class dog so of course he thought it was awesome. He also tried to hunt a quail this morning on our walk, it didn't work out too well on my hands. Can't say I blame him tough. Maybe we should get him around some ducks and a rifle. 

3. Stick to my meal plan. 

4. Find a g-free cupcake to take with me to the party I'm going to this weekend. This weekend is going to be rough in terms of eating paleo because of where we're staying and what events are going on. I'll do my best though.

5. Keep up with BEDiM, and post at least three other posts. Two-a-days, say whaaat? I got this.

What are your goals this week?

Day 6: My Job

Prompt: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'? Holy cow, y'all.

Things I do:
- change a baby's diapers
- read picture books to a baby
- rock a baby
- snuggle a baby
- give baths to a baby
- go for walks with a baby and a dog
- feed a baby
- prepare food for a baby
- play with the dog
- do baby laundry
- change a baby's clothes
- write the baby's day down in a log book
- play with a baby
- wash dishes related to the baby and myself
- give the baby's owies my kisses
- attempt to keep a baby from hurting himself majorly
- prevent the baby from eating dead rose petals
- create activities for the baby

Things I didn't do: 
- conceive or birth said baby

That was a lot of verbs.
Happy Monday! (:


Day 5: Profess Your Love

Prompt: "Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have blogger friends, talk about a real-life friend or even a family member."

Today I'm going to profess my love for Paige from Sticky Note Addict. She followed and commented on my blog first and since deciding to follow her, her blog has become one of my favorites. Her posts are always well thought out, but she is still real and raw with her readers. We have the same love for organization and school sections, carbs, and our boyfriends are both amazing. ;)

Paige just finished her freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I can't wait to see what her summer holds! Paige and her boyfriend Bradley are picking up their puppy soon! They've named him Gatsby, how cute is that?! 



Day 4: Favorite Quote


Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

So far, I'm sucking at this blogging everyday thing. Anywho, the prompt for yesterday was to write about things that make you uncomfortable.There is only one thing that makes me really uncomfortable. Like, uncomfortable to the point of tears, if it continues for too long.

You know when a group of people are all doing something, and you've decided that you don't want to do said thing, but they keep pressuring you to do it? Yeah, that's my "uncomfortable thing". There have  been several occasions where people have felt the need to continue to pester me as to why I don't want to do what they're doing, and I end up crying and wanting to leave. It's not fun.

Other than that, there aren't a ton of things that make me uncomfortable. Obviously watching movies that include sex scenes with any older adult in my life, as well as, being cold. I hate being cold. It too makes me cry, but that's because I'm miserable and feel like I'm going to freeze to death. Extreme situations only, duh.

What makes you uncomfortable?


Day 2: Educate

Today I'm supposed to educate everyone on something I know a lot about.
I know a lot about a lot of things, so I'll give you a general run down...

I know a lot about cloth diapers. I did almost a years worth of research before I ever bought one, which was just a month or so ago. This is where I got a lot of my information. If you have any specific questions, I can surely answer them. If you're wondering, my favorite brand is AppleCheeks! They're the brand I use exclusively on L while I'm at work. His parents use disposables.

I know a lot about babywearing, but not more than the average wearer. I did dedicated posts about babywearing here and here. I also watched a lot of videos and did a lot of research before I started buying wraps and carriers. There will be more coming soon. My stash is a growin'. (:

I know A LOT about car seats. I'm a nationally certified CPST. Rear facing to the max of the seat is the safest thing you can do for your kids and I am a huge advocate for extended rear facing and extended harnessing. Don;t count on the government to protect your kids. Read your manual, know your seat. This video isn't in English but it's an awesome side-by-side comparison as to why to ERF. If you ever have any questions about car seats, installation, harnessing, etc., PLEASE reach out to me in what ever way suits you the best.

I'm linking up with Jenni everyday! She's the one who created this challenge. (:
If you're also doing this challenge, let me know and I'll go check out your post & learn something from you!