Day 15: DITL [Catching Up]

I wake up around 7:15a, aka 15 minutes before I have to leave the house. I gather my food, backpack, and nanny things. Throw on clothes and finish getting ready quickly. I leave at 7:32a. There is a train that I have to wait for. Now the chances of me being late are greater than before.

I arrive at work at 8:20a- five minutes late. Awesome. I get filled in on the weekend and how L's 9mo well check went on Friday. His stats are all over the place and it cracks me up. He's in the 20th percentile for weight, 95th percentile for height, and off the charts of head circumference.

I make myself breakfast with a little dude crawling around my feet. Eat with four hungry, begging eyes staring at me. Try to keep L's hands out of my food and send the dog to his bed for the 10th time this morning.

Put L down for his morning nap. Our routine is as follows: change diaper, read for as long as he'll let me, turn on white noise and "Kenny G" music, swaddle, and give him his paci. It's 9:20a at this point.

When he wakes up, I let L play for a little bit as I prepare his lunch. He normally has a banana and a chicken, rice, & carrot semi-puree from the cookbook Start Fresh. I let L feed himself off of a plate. He finishes lunch at 12:15p.

After lunch, L plays a bit more. While he's doing this, I work on blog stuff, eat, and stuff diapers. I decide to bathe him. We play in his room for a while before I can tell he's starting to get tired. We got to the kitchen and I fix his mid-day bottle. I hold him while he feeds, then what do you know- he falls asleep and instead of putting him in his crib. I take in his clean baby scent and enjoy the snuggles.

He wakes around 3:15p thanks to the dog barking at someone coming down the street. I put him in his crib hoping he'll go back to sleep. But when 4 o'clock rolls around and he's still talking to himself, I give up. I go in, change his diaper and put a romper on him.

We play and eat snacks. He eats dinner at 6 o'clock and his mama walks in the door by 6:15p. We go over the day and chat a bit- today it was about the tornados in Oklahoma. After work, I'm going to J's to study tonight. I get home around 10:20p and turn in for the night a few hours later.

Are you tired yet? ;)

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Paige @ Sticky Note Addict said...

Strawberries and scrambled eggs — you are a girl after my own heart!

I nominated you for the Liebster Blogger Award, pretty girl! You can check it out here: http://ladisicpaige.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-liebster-blogger-award-take-two.html. I'm looking forward to hearing more about you!