Paleo Eats: Week 1

I'm currently in my third week of eating paleo (as of May 6th). Although writing about the first few weeks of my journey isn't in "real time", I took notes.

To set it up for you, April 6th was the last day I drank soda, if I'm remembering correctly. I was lucky to have a pretty great soda quitting experience this time around. I only had three minor headaches over the first two weeks. Not too shabby. I took half a dose of Tylenol if I left a headache coming on. Note: my headaches tend to progress quickly. If I don't nip it in the bud at the first signs, I will be miserable.

I began eating paleo on April 22nd, 2013. I will be sharing my meal plans in different posts, but I warn you that the first two weeks look very similar. There were only a few recipes that I knew about without having to research.

Week 1 was pretty easy for me. I had a sugar craving during the middle of the week that was so strong, and I really just wanted to eat a cupcake. I didn't miss grains as much as I thought I would. On that Tuesday, I had beans at Chipotle on my salad. I don't think beans are paleo but I had to make the best of my situation. On Tuesdays, I go straight from work to school and sit in class until 10p. I must not've packed dinner that night. My body handled the change in my diet well. Since I tend to have a sensitive stomach, for things to go that smoothly is impressive. The rest of the week was uneventful.

The weeks are the hardest part for me. At work I have time to cook as L eats and naps through out the day. However, on the weekends I have more busy, on-the-go type days.

Lesson: Don't sweat the small stuff. Don't get discouraged if things don't go 100% right. Stuff happens sometimes. The next meal is a new beginning to make a good decision.

That weekend (the 27th & 28th) Joshua and I went out of town to go retrieve the boat to get it ready for this summer. Eating paleo whilst traveling is HARD. Even if you have access to cookware and a stove. It's even harder to find restaurants that are accommodating to primal eaters, but I did my best.

Do you think you could go paleo?

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