Five for 5: Back in the Game!

I skipped Five for 5 last week. I completely forgot about it and instead of doing it super late, I took a mini break. ;)
1. Stick to my meal plan. I won't be home this weekend to eat my leftovers. No veering from what I planned.

2. Clean my room before I leave for the lake on Friday. It's a hot mess right now. I also need to plan what I'm going to take and not leave packing until the last minute.

3. Go to the gym everyday, except for today...maybe. I need to study for my final and school takes priority over working out.

4. Get caught up on everything I need to blog about. My list is super long, y'all. Especially since I missed a few days of Blog Everyday in May last week. Oiy.

5. Sell my Petunia Picklebottom Boxy. I found a new diaper bag thatis going to work so.much.better than the PPB. I don't carry a lot of things when I'm out and the diaper bag I have now is huge and it doesn't have enough organizational components for my liking. I can't get the new one until I get ride of the old one.

Happy Monday, don't be an Eeyore! :)

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