Nanny Life: Older Infant & Toddler Daily Log

Update (1.29.2013): To see how I utilize this daily log at work, head on over to this post

Release of the Toddler Daily Log is here! (:
This one is meant for older infants and toddlers who consume at least some sort of solid food throughout the day. Just click the link and go from there. I tried really hard to make it two per page just as I had the last one, but there were just too many details that needed to be included.
If anyone is using these, please let me know how they're working out for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Especially if you think they need improvements, I want to make them as user friendly as possible. 
I apologize for being away for the past few days, especially after I'd been on such a blog writing roll. I've been babysitting my favorite two year old, who I also think is the most adorable toddler EVER. His ice blue eyes and tiny toddler voice, oh my. 
We went to a local kid-friendly science museum yesterday & he loved it. After spending over two hours walking around, I told him it was time to go. He told me "no" in his tiny toddler voice. I then asked him if he was hungry and needed to feed his belly. Know what he said? 
"No, Wally. I feed my mouf!"

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