Nothing. Nil. Nada.

Still no job, kids. 
I'm am super fucking SO irritated! I know, I know. 
I haven't even been out of a job for two weeks yet, but I NEED something. I've gotten tiny baby nibbles on all my ads, but I still have nothing. 

I have an un-godly amount of bills for being twenty-one years old. A few of which are due in like two weeks. My internet bill is past due. 
I'm struggling. Like I've never struggled before. I have money, but it has to go towards things like gas for the financed 2007 Mazda 3 that sits in the driveway. 

I'm going to meet with an agency tomorrow and I signed up for another on-line thingy that connects nannies and families. Both highly reputable. Promise!

On an awesome note, I have a guest spot on my friend Aislin's blog on Saturday.
Check it out, here

Keep you updated.


Wednesday Blurbs...

I really need to start cooking for myself. At the present moment in time, I eat at least 1 Lean Cuisine a day...if I'm really hungry after I get out of class, I'll have another one. I KNOW how to cook. I have a crock pot and make a mean Salsa Chicken, recipe found here. I like to cook too! Maybe it's just something I need to work on. 
I wonder if when I get my new job, since I'll be watching babies (not toddlers and kids), if my car will stay cleaner for longer. Right now, there are two sippys, a swim/ gymnastics bag, and ALOT of crumbs on my seats. I've come to the point where I don't bother vacuuming out my car because I know it will be just as dirty as before, in about three days. I'm going to clean out my car before I start my new job and see how clean it can stay and for how long. I'll be sure to report back. 
My room is really dirty right now. I probably should've cleaned it today since I didn't have to work, but I didn't. I watched a talk show where Tim Gunn told me a little black dress was a necessity in my wardrobe. Ha! That's funny. I live and breathe yoga pants and leggings. 

That's all for now folks.


Getting Let Go & The Job Hunt...

Remember all those ideas I had for writing? Including our favorite toddler foods and monkey intros? Well, its all out the window now. I have an unfinished post of my "Tricks of the Trade" so I might throw that up here, but that's it. 

I got let go today. Not fired. Let go, as in, we no longer need a nanny because things are changing with in our family and now I have to stay home (says Daddy Boss). He was planning on coaching football for a local high school, but now thats out the window too. 

He was very gracious about it and explained what was going on, and why they wouldn't need me anymore. Which is good, because I hate being left hanging. You know, the kind of people who let you go but won't say why...

He said I could continue working for there for two weeks so I still have money, but can stop immediately if I find another job.

When things change and a new job is acquired, I'll keep y'all posted.


Ideas, and Lots of Them!

I have about a jillion different post ideas floating around in my head.
Is this what the life of a blogger is like? I was driving home from gymnastics and they pretty much flooded my brain.

They include ones about toddler food and adventures at work. Also on a bunch of other things, mostly work related. Nanny chick here. Remember? Which should also include child introductions, sans pictures and probably full names. There are a lot of things in the works, so hang in there and I promise we'll both get out alive. (: