Day 2: Educate

Today I'm supposed to educate everyone on something I know a lot about.
I know a lot about a lot of things, so I'll give you a general run down...

I know a lot about cloth diapers. I did almost a years worth of research before I ever bought one, which was just a month or so ago. This is where I got a lot of my information. If you have any specific questions, I can surely answer them. If you're wondering, my favorite brand is AppleCheeks! They're the brand I use exclusively on L while I'm at work. His parents use disposables.

I know a lot about babywearing, but not more than the average wearer. I did dedicated posts about babywearing here and here. I also watched a lot of videos and did a lot of research before I started buying wraps and carriers. There will be more coming soon. My stash is a growin'. (:

I know A LOT about car seats. I'm a nationally certified CPST. Rear facing to the max of the seat is the safest thing you can do for your kids and I am a huge advocate for extended rear facing and extended harnessing. Don;t count on the government to protect your kids. Read your manual, know your seat. This video isn't in English but it's an awesome side-by-side comparison as to why to ERF. If you ever have any questions about car seats, installation, harnessing, etc., PLEASE reach out to me in what ever way suits you the best.

I'm linking up with Jenni everyday! She's the one who created this challenge. (:
If you're also doing this challenge, let me know and I'll go check out your post & learn something from you!


Anonymous said...

I started nannying a one year old last week! It's so tiring haha but so happy you linked up for the blogger book club, can't wait to read all the reviews!

Jessica said...

I'm also a huge advocate for extended rear facing! Also babywearing and cloth diapering, although I don't do cloth diapering :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, and that's cool that you want to have home births as well one day! I'm following you thru Bloglovin now :)