5 for Five

I just got back from picking up the boat with J, and I totally forgot about this post. Luckily, Paige posted hers early and that's what reminded me to write mine. Thanks, girl. (:

1. Waste no food. I came SO close to meeting this goal. I threw away four strawberries and leftovers that were supposed to be for lunch, but I forgot it in my car in the morning. Which is totally gross. 

2. Do something outside the house with L everyday. Nope. the weather wasn't super awesome, but no excuses. This week is supposed to be awesome! Beach day, say whaaat?

3. Continue to work on weaning L off the swaddle. Did it, boom. He's still handling it really well. 

4. Post three other blog posts this week. Close but no cigar. I post two others. Have you seen them yet? (: better go check 'em out! 

5. Continue eating paleo and try not to be discouraged when I hit an accidental speed bump. Yepp, owned it. I didn't do perfect, by any means. I had fake whipped cream once, and ate bread two or three times. Out of twenty-one meals, not including snacks, I don think I did too shabby. 

It wasn't the best week for goals, but hey, what can you do. There's always next week (:

1. W-a-t-e-r. It supposed to be pretty warm this week. I need to keep my water intake up! I'm also going to start offering L 4oz. of water on a daily basis from a straw cup so he gets the hang of drinking out of one by the time it get's super warm here.

2. Blogging. I want to post at least three times weekly from here on out. That shouldn't be hard, considering all the rad things that are going on this summer.

3. Turn in my paper tomorrow! Pretty sure I'm the queen of procrastination, y'all. I have a seven page paper due tomorrow. Luckily, it shouldn't be too hard to whip out in a day or two. ;)

4. Leave the house! Argh. L and I need to get out more.

5. Come up with an awesome Mother's Day project for L to "do" for my boss/his mom. It's her first one (duh.) and I want it to be awesome!

Happy Monday!


April CaraBox Opening!

I was introduced to the Cara Box when I first started following the blog Wifessionals. Kaitlyn came up with the idea and put extensive research into making it become a reality. 

Cara Box

I was paired with Julie of Inviting Nest. She emailed me immediately and we hit it off right away. She asked some amazing questions to be able to really pick things she thought I'd like. Let me tell you, she did an amazing job! The main question Julie asked me what my goals were in regards to going green and she also read little blog of mine. 

I told her that I was really busy and needed a way to be able to take healthy snacks and food with me when I left the house. When I leave in the mornings, I often don't return until late at night. Anytime between 7p and 11p, depending on the day. That was really all the information I gave Julie and she took it and ran!

Julie included three second hand books that she has read and highly recommended. I've been looking for more books and can't wait to read these ones! In the Grip of Grace // The Poisonwood Bible // Captivating

I received my first ever bento box, which even came with a spoon and a fork; a flower punch that I totally plan on using for fruit and veggies; and a little salad dressing bottle. Everything is so perfect for the goals I'm trying to meet in the paleo journey I'm on right now!

Julie included SIX recipes for yummy, yet healthy snacks. The recipes are for the following: Giant Whole Wheat Apple Oat Cookies, Vanilla Granola, Strawberry and Banana Four Grain Granola, Apple Muffins, Cake Batter Energy bars, and Brownie Batter Energy Bites. They all sound SO delicious, and I can't wait to try them out! I will most definitely be doing recipe posts, as long as Julie is okay with it. She also gave me a little mousepad calendar so I can plan out my meals and snacks. 

The note Julie included with my items was incredibly special and motivating. Julie, thank you for making my first ever Cara Box experience an amazing one!

I got to send items to Ashley! Check her blog to see what I got her!


Sunday Funday

This past Sunday, we had a legit Sunday Funday. We almost always go to church, so that is a given. But afterwards, I accompanied Joshua and his little brother to the dirt bike track to take some pictures. Joshua is on the dirt bike and Justin is on the quad.

I bought a Nikon D3100 a while ago, and I've been shooting in Automatic since I got it. Until, that is, Sunday at the track. I read the manual on the way there and figured out the basics. The pictures might not be incredible, but I like the way they turned out and am super happy with them.

Here are my favorite shots. (:

Did you do anything fun last weekend?


5 for Five


1. Get ready to go paleo next week. Did it. BOOM.

2. Mail more snail mail. Sent four letters and a package!

3. Do my hair everyday. I didn't "do" my hair every day, but it was done everyday. Counting that as a win.

4. Do something outside the house with L everyday. Nope /: It just didn't happen.

5. Clean my room. Also didn't happen.

That's not too shabby of a week after being out of town for four days. 

1. Waste no food. It's doesn't mean I need to eat it all, but I need to freeze or preserve properly it if I don't think I'm going to eat it this week. 

2. Do something outside the house with L everyday.

3. Continue to work on weaning L off the swaddle. Today is our first day, so right now he only has one arm out. It looks hilarious, but he is still sleeping well and doesn't seem affected by it. 

4. Post three other blog posts this week. I've been semi-neglecting my blog when I have so many things I want to share with you. I just need to sit down and write everything down. 

5. Continue eating paleo and try not to be discouraged when I hit an accidental speed bump.

What are your goals for this week? (:



5 for Five, A Day Late...

I know it's Tuesday and 5 for Five is a Monday link up, BUT I was driving home from Emily's house then had to do a carseat installation, theeen went to a see movie that was created by my church to raise awareness about human trafficking and the Dalits in India. My day was gone.

Now, moving on...

1. Do my hair everyday. 

2. Put away my clean clothes. 

3. Walk at least a mile everyday. 

4. Waste no food.

5. Deep clean my room before I leave to go out of town on Friday.

I did so bad last week. My allergies and asthma decided to act up in full force because of the seasonal changes. My appetite sucked, I felt horrible, and didn't want to do anything. Hence the huge fail.

1. Get ready to go paleo next week (meal plan & grocery list). I ate paleo over the weekend while at Emily's house. It made me feel really good, so I'm going to try it for a month. If I like it, I will make the change permanent. 

2. Mail more snail mail. I have soo much stationary, I need to write more letters. Anyone want to me pen pals? Email me! (:

3. Do my hair everyday.

4. Do something outside of the house with Logan everyday this week. 

5. Clean my room. It's BAD.

I hope you're having a fabulous week!


5 for Five; Sweet Success!

I DID IT! I completed all five of my goals for the first time ever.


Last Week:
1. Keep up my water intake. I'm considering this a success. I only missed one out of seven days because I forgot my water bottle at home.

2. Get my snail mail sent. Got it handled.

3. Wash my makeup brushes. Yuuup. BOOM.

4. Research products on EWG. I feel like I could explain my story. I'm looking for a new, low-toxin laundry detergent. I've had lots of awesome recommendations, so now I just have to make a decision! If you're curious, I'm currently using the Honest Co. Laundry Pods.

5. Make an appointment at Genius Bar. It's for Tuesday at 1:00p.

This Week:
1. Do my hair everyday. Not gonna lie, I look like a raggin muffin at work most of the time because nobody sees me. I rock the sleep hair look.

2. Put away my clean clothes. I tend to like to live out of a laundry basket. ;)

3. Walk at least a mile everyday. I got new running shoes, I need to break them in so I can start running!

4. Waste no food.

5. Deep clean my room before I leave to go out of town on Friday.


So Close, But So Far

Today is Friday, I will work from 7:45a- 2:15p. That's a short day for me. My weekend is fourteen hours away, but it still seems like the day will drag on. I know that in the morning that this won't be so. Tomorrow is a nanny share day, when I will care for both B & L the entire time. It's organized chaos the entire time, and I'm thankful for baby wearing on days like these.

I'm looking forward to going on a date with my Birthday Boy after work today, and having no solid plans for this weekend. I had intentions of buying J's birthday gift, but it's rather pricey and I'm not comfortable spending that much money and not getting paid until Monday. I would love to share it with you, but I'd be my luck that he'd decide to look at my blog and see what I've decided to get him. I'll share afterwards. :)

I just noticed my room is a horrible mess. I did my laundry at work yesterday and it's still sitting in the basket on the floor. All the bags I take to work (purse, backpack, diaper bag) and my clothes are everywhere. This is my reminder to myself to clean before I go out. I'm constantly battling the mess that is my room. Because I don't my own space anywhere except my room, there are a lot of things that sit out because it has nowhere to go. I'd love to eventually invest in some organization pieces, but my dad needs to install new baseboard and re-do the flooring in my closet. If anyone knows when that will be, let me know. ;)

I also need to order a camera bag soon. Like a cheese ball, I've been wrapping Cora, my Nikon D3100, in an Aden + Anais bamboo swaddle and carrying her in an extra purse I have. It's definitely not working out and I need this baby in my life! I don't carry anything extra in terms of gear, so I think it think it will be a fantastic purse/ camera bag combo deal.

Happy Friday, ladies! 


5 for Five

I didn't participate last week, due to my unexpected hiatus. It was much needed, and well worth it. Sorry I didn't tell you. :)

This Week:
1. Keep up my water intake. I've typically been drinking 48oz or more of water a day. I got a new lid for my water bottle, so I'm attributing it to that.

2. Get my snail mail sent. I need to buy more stamps in order to do this! Disappointed that they took the stamp vending machine out of my local post office.

3. Wash my makeup brushes. They need it, bad.

4. Research the products I need to on the EWG Cosmetic Database. I have a going list and need to decide on a face wash and laundry soap in the near future.

5. Make an appointment at the GeniusBar at the Apple Store. My MacBook is beginning to have issues charging. From everything online I've read it's only a matter of time before it completely gives out.


I have a lot more goals, but those are the most important ones!
What are your goals for this week?