Day 1: 250 Words

The first assignment for Blog Everyday in May in to tell your life story in 250 words or less, so here it goooes...

I was born on August 29, 1990 and have lived in Southern California all my life. When I was two, my parents got divorced and I spent every other weekend with my dad. When I was four, my dad got remarried and I gained a big sister, whose name is Kelly. In June of 1996, my little brother Daniel was born. I went to a total of eight different schools and moved just as many times.

Kelly and I, circa 1996. I'm the small one. My hair still looks like that in the morning. ;)

In high school, I was a busy kid and spent 10+ hours at school everyday. I was in FFA, was on varsity swim and water polo, and took several honors and advanced placement classes. When I graduated high school I attended college with intentions of majoring in Animal Science, but life took me another way and I became a nanny in 2009.

Now my major is now Child Development. I'm also working on classes to become a board certified Lactation Consultant. I've been with my boyfriend Joshua for over three years & I'm currently a nanny to eight-month-old L. I'm passionate about natural birth and parenting, babywearing, and cloth diapering.

I hope you'll link up with me. I'm going to have a blast doing this!
Get ready for day two. It's coming your way.

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