52 Week of Blogging with a Purpose: Who I Am

Today I'm starting 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose with Becky of From Mrs. to Mama. For the next fifty-two Mondays I'll be posting according to the prompts that Becky has come up with. Often times I write about things I like and what's going on in the now, but this covers all topics, including the past and future.

I am so many things. I've done so many "about me" type posts. So I'm skipping the obvious: woman, girlfriend, daughter, sister and nanny.

I'm a babywearing enthusiast and wrap nerd. I love keeping my nanny babies close. I don't keep a stroller with me unless I absolutely have to, because I'd rather wear whoever I'm caring for. My stash is small, yet growing, and currently consists of one woven wrap in my base size, a wrap conversion mei tai, and a wrap conversion ring sling.

I'm also a cloth diaper lover. I think they're fantastic and that everyone should use them because it's not as hard a people say. :) I currently cloth diaper L while I'm at work. We use exclusively use AppleCheeks and couldn't be happier! Because L is it tall and skinny, disposables don't quite give a tight enough fit around the legs.

I'm on a health journey that includes gym-going, 5K training, and paleo-eating. I believe in going as chemical free as possible and think that holistic remedies are awesome. I'm also a college student with many, many goals for my future. I have plans to become a Newborn Care Specialist through NCSA and am working simultaneously towards both my associates degree in Child Development and completing the GE to become a board certified Lactation Consultant. 

Water is my happy place, and if I could find somewhere to play water polo in my free time, I'd be a happy camper. I like to read, blog (duh!) and cuddle with babies that aren't mine. I'm an organization fanatic, yet there are clothes thrown all over my room. I love carbs, and have to say that not being able to have them is the hardest part about eating paleo, besides find time to prep and cook ahead of time. I try to be eco-friendly, but still drive an SUV and drive thirty miles each way to work everyday. 

Have you learned anything new about me today?
*happy first day back to work day*


Kelly said...

Stopping over from mrs. to mama...I loved wearing when my kids were little :)

Kristin said...

stopping in from mrs. to mama...I love babywearing and cloth diapering also!

Mrs. Mama said...

I LOVE me some baby wearing... we live in our wraps and carriers. I have tried to talk to the husband about cloth diapering, and may even switch if he gets on board! I definitely want to with the next baby though! thank you for linking up :)

Jessica said...

I graduated from my Boba to a woven wrap and LOVE IT! I cannot imagine motherhood without babywearing. I didn't CD with this baby but I'm getting more intrigued (especially realizing how many disposables we go through). Maybe next time!