Last Post Here!

I thought it'd be a good idea to let my readers know that this will be the last post on THIS blog. I've actually made the transfer to Wordpress, as has my blog and all existing posts. :)
That blog as a whole is slowly improving, and will have a brand-spankin'-new custom design by the beginning of February! I hope you'll come join me over on my "new" blog! I'm not sure how long I'll keep this blog up before I delete it in it's entirety. I'm thinking a few months. Long enough for me to reroute all my pins, etc. 
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Fitness Friday: Finding The Love

It's the first Fitness Friday of the new year! Instead of having my sister write for you, I decided hijack my own blog, if that's even possible, and share how I found the love again...
Anyone who knows me in real life, knows that I am a swimmer. I swam all four years in high school, three and a half of those being on varsity. I also played water polo in the off season so I could stay in shape for swim season. 

Since graduating high school, and thus leaving the pool, I've been trying to find the workout love again and I've tried several different routines on land. My sister made me a routine that included everything from eating to cardio, I tried to go it alone several times, and I gave PayanX a good try. I can say I definitely work best in a "team" environment. 

Like swimming, PayanX is an individual sport done in a group, so I don't have to rely on anyone else to do things right. Wow, how OCD of me, haha. So now that you know how I feel about team sports, lets get to the point. 

Over my few days off work, I decided I wanted to start swimming again. Not just at the gym and all that hokey business. Like on a team. So I took action and emailed a local master's swim team asking for more info...

I had my first day yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I will definitely be signing up and working to be meet/competition ready by the spring. I haven't shared my goals for 2014 yet, but one of them is to BE an athlete, to be the best I can be -- which includes training and eating like one. 

Did you play sports in high school/ college? 
Have you found the workout love since graduating? 

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5 for Five: Week 2

I'm back for this weeks round of 5 for Five. A little late, but such is life. Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with my mom, rounding out our holiday celebrations. We don't really have anything planned for NYE tomorrow and I think it will be the first year I'm not either working or on call in four years. 

1 // Send out my last round of Christmas cards. 
2 // Finish in schedule posts for this week. 
3 // Put together E's infant vehicle emergency kit.
4 // Update my EC with my work appointments, etc. 
5 // Edit Bryce's birthday photos. 

Only one out of five for the week. I have a bunch of posts in Draft and I'm in the middle of a Blogger to Wordpress transfer (gasp!). I still have a few more days off to get everything done. :) Tomorrow definitely needs to be a productive day in order to get everything done. I definitely slept in today. Oops!

Josh and I were supposed to go to Disneyland with my family this Sunday, but that's been postponed. No fun! But we're taking BFF out to dinner this week. I love spending time with her! 

1 // Spend all my gift cards. :)  
2 // Post WCMT to eBay or Spot's Corner. 
3 // Deep clean my room. It's a mess from all my Christmas gifts!
4 // Finish reading Insurgent. Omg, such a fantastic series! 
5 // Have no posts in draft before my transfer. 

Would you still send out a few Christmas cards even though the holidays are over? I'm undecided on what to do, but I know they'd all love to hear from us!

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