5 for Five

I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica once again for 5 for Five!

1. W-a-t-e-r. I've been drinking a ton of water, although some days are less than others. I've discovered that I reaaally like fresh lemon juice in my water, so I've been doing that. It is awesome. 

2. Blogging 3x this week. Yessir. Since deciding to do Blog Everyday in May, I've done six posts just since Wednesday. I'm having a lotta fun with it. Are you dong it too? Let me know and I will do look at your blog! 

3. Turn in my paper tomorrow! Done. Fulfilled all the requirements an veven had time to proof read it, which was awesome because there were a lot of mistakes. 

4. Leave the house! L and I left the house everyday but one this week, which is pretty good. On Tuesday, we went to the library and checked out fifteen or so picture books for me to read to him. I'm having so much fun and L is getting really good at sitting thru stories before nap time. 

5. Come up with an awesome Mother's Day project for L to "do" for my boss/his mom. Done. You can see what craft I picked here. I think it's super cute and I know she's going to love it. 

I'm super stoked that I'm back to getting 5 for Five, especially since I didn't write them down or reference them until I wrote this post. Heeey. 

1. Hit the gym 3x this week, take at least one class. I just switched gyms from a less expensive gym without the bells and whistles to 24 Hour Fitness. 

2. Walk J's dog 3x this week. I cared for Joshua's family's dogs over the weekend while they were out of town and I took their Chocolate Lab for a three mile walk. I loved it and so did he. He's a working class dog so of course he thought it was awesome. He also tried to hunt a quail this morning on our walk, it didn't work out too well on my hands. Can't say I blame him tough. Maybe we should get him around some ducks and a rifle. 

3. Stick to my meal plan. 

4. Find a g-free cupcake to take with me to the party I'm going to this weekend. This weekend is going to be rough in terms of eating paleo because of where we're staying and what events are going on. I'll do my best though.

5. Keep up with BEDiM, and post at least three other posts. Two-a-days, say whaaat? I got this.

What are your goals this week?

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