Nanny Life: Proper Child Restraint [&My Accident]

First off, this is the post where I'm going to talk about my accident. I will be posting pictures of my car while it was at the tow yard. Just a warning. 
I've decided to use this is an opportunity to educate, rather than have a pity party for myself. 

My story:
I was on my way home from J's house. I was about to get onto an interchange going from one freeway to another. The work truck in front of me slowed down to try to stay on the freeway we were on even though he was in the wrong lanes. I saw him and tried to slow down to match his speed. Nothing happened. I slammed into the back of his truck at 60+ mph. I honestly feel like my car malfunctioned that night. I saw him plenty far away and feel like I did everything right in order to try to prevent an accident.

Now my car is disabled in the lanes and I'm crying hysterically off to the side of the road, not even in the shoulder, mind you. There was a little wedge in between the two freeways, where we were stuck. I called J and he came to help me.  After he showed up, the guy that I hit and him decided they needed to move my car out of the lanes, as it was causing major backup at this point. Right when they start walking over to my car to move it, another sedan style car rear ended my car at 70+ mph. You guys, this driver was going FAST.

California Highway Patrol came and took reports, while AAA blocked off the freeway and cleaned up our debris. J took me home and even though I was exhausted, it look me two hours to fall asleep. That was on June 10, 2012. 

This is my car afterwards. To anyone looking at it, its shocking. I thank the fact that my boyfriend has chewed my ass every time I didn't wear my seatbelt in the past. Because now I do. I was during the accident. It may have saved my life. Please make it a habit, wears yours and bust peoples asses if they don't wear theirs. 

Imagine if I had been transporting a child that wasn't properly restrained, or a small child that wasn't extended rear facing. I would never have been able to live with myself if that had been the case. I read this article tonight. Imagine being that mom. The one too concerned that her child was comfortable, or who wasn't informed or educated. Now I'm going to give you the tools to become educated. Read the chart and watch the video. 

This video is posted by the IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Theres an entire series noon different types of carseats on YouTube, just search 'IIHS keeping children safe'. 

Remember to be smart & use your resources. 

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