TILT. Or not.

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Nothing has changed and I still love all the same stuff.

I thought I'd take a break this week and give you a peek into my Monday...
We spent ten, count 'em, TEN hours at the Disney Parks. We had awesome food at two different restaurants and went on quite a few rides. My Oma is wearing a birthday pin and the rest of us are wearing pins that say 'I'm Celebrating!'. We had a blast and all slept super well that night. Everyone got to sleep in except me, who was up and babysitting at 7:15a the next day. Babysitter life, y'all.



Friday's Letters; 9.21.2012

Dear Boyfriend: I hope we get some time together this weekend. Things are busy on my end, and I'm pretty sure you're helping your mom with something. Lots of the movies we want to see are coming out today, hopefully we'll get to see one on Sunday. I want to see Looper the most and I'm pretty sure you'll say yes. (:

Dear Kimberly and Lauren: Thank you for blessing the world with your beautiful babies! Although B is almost two (HOLY EFF) I still remember him as a squishy newborn back in 2010 and am proud of the little dude you've raised him to be. Lauren, you had L with no epidural and fought it when they tried to make you have one. Being the crunchy person I am, I am SO proud of you for that. You're going to be a wonderful mama. I love all four of you so much!

Dear Job Interview: (that's tomorrow) Please let them like me and hire me! I want this one SO bad. I think I pretty much say that about every job but I really do want this one the most. Everything about it is perfect for me, my personality and my circumstances. I was compromising something in all of the rest of the interviews I've been on. This one is perfect for me in every way!

Dear Aden + Anais: Can you please have a sale? I'm just not willing to pay $50 for 3 muslin swaddle blankets, even though the prints I want are SO cute. I also don't think it's fair that your really cute prints cost more on your website or at BRU. Please stop giving the Target line less cute prints.

Dear Fall: Please get to California asap. I painted my toes black for you. I'm ready to wear jeans and not sweat like a horse (because pigs don't sweat).

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PS- I just blogged two days in a row. Are you impressed yet?


TILT! Volume II.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Sorry this is just now going up, today was a busy and exciting day. Disclaimer: With the exception of today, this week was pretty boring! Went on a few interviews, but that was all. Hence the lack of new favorites.

Five Beauty Items
-Nothing new here! I haven't tried anything new this week. Although I did get my toes painted BLACK for Fall. (:

Five Food Items
-Salsa Chicken [Recipe Here]
-Honey Nut Cherrios
-Apple Juice

Five Et Cetera Items
-Lexiea Orianna V. She was born Sept 19th at 2:30a. I got to see her just now.
She's home from the hospital and SO beautiful! I love newborn snuggles and squishiness!
-Snuggle Bugs Bowtique on Etsy. I ordered two bows in different sizes and colors. They came beautifully packaged and are of fantastic quality! Lexiea's is too big right now, but it looked so cute and I can't wait for her to grow into it. Gracie's got shipped to Missouri today. I will definitely be ordering more in the future! Click here to be taken to Stephanie's shop.

Happy Thursday!
Only one day until the weekend (:


Things I Love Thursday! aka TILT.

I've decided to start a new series of things I'm loving called, you guessed it, Things I Love Thursday!
It's going to consist of the following:
- five beauty related products
- five food items
- five et cetera items

I hope that if you have a blog that you'll link up with me and do it too! Send me the link to the things you love so I can read it! (:

Five Beauty Products
- Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub
- Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay
-VS Gorgeous Fragrance Mist
- Moroccan Oil Treatment (I have the "Light" version. White cap.)
-Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Five Food Items
-Frosted Flakes
-Green Vegetables
-Boudin (the restaurant/bakery) bread
-Dasani Water. I'm a water snob.

Five Et Cetera Items
-Delirium by Lauren Oliver
-Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candle in Lemon
-Joshua Steven (:
-Erin Condren Life Planner
-my Mint Incipio iPhone 4 case

I was totally going to explain why I liked all these items and started to, but whoa, it was going to be really, really long. When I start working again, I will probably add one more category that will showcase my favorite kid/baby product or something of that sort. It will only be one product, so I can explain why I like it so much for it to be a favorite for the week.

If you have any questions about any of the items I picked or want to know where I got them, feel free to email me or comment below.



When Things Change...

Things are changing on my end of the computer screen. The job I have been working at for a mere two months is also making some large, and quick changes to their family.

They have decided to put P in school full-time. He is struggling socially. I see it everyday.
Whenever we go to the park or pool and the other children don't want to play with him because they don't know him and already have other friends, it breaks his heart. I see it in his eyes.
He doesn't even know the names of the kids in his class because he's not as school often enough to learn them.

I'm not mad. I can't be.
I know they are doing the right thing for him.

This means that there is no need for me in their new dynamic. My last day is September 20th. They gave me plenty of notice and I already been looking for something else. I've had an interview. I'm sure if they google my name this blog will pop up and they'll read through my posts. [heey y'all (:]

Just wanted to fill you in.



P's Video Monitor: A Review

After coming into work one morning, my boss described to me the horror that was finding P screaming in terror in the hallway after he'd had an accident. 

Their monitor had gone out. 
I was immediately sent to Babies R Us and was told to buy the best monitor I could. Given the lack of time, I stood in the store for a good forty-five minutes trying to look up reviews on all the different options. There were a few that I liked but that didn't get good reviews, such as this one. In the end, I decided on the Summer Infant Privacy Plus Series Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitor. I also picked up the Summer Infant Baby Touch Plus Power Pack, as we would need one charger in the master bedroom, as well as one for the kitchen/my room. 

All set up! So simple.

I got it home and installation was a breeze. Took everything out of the box, plugged in the camera, synced it with the monitor, and that was it. SO EASY. 
I love the pan and tilt feature and that I can zoom in and out by controls on the monitor. It also comes equipped with a microphone. I'm assuming that it would normally be used to 'virtually' soothe a baby, but I use it to tell P that he needs to lay down and go to sleep. You know, preschooler issues. ;)

It works well for our needs, BUT I have noticed that it doesn't charge all the way and sometimes loses connection, especially when it's near my computer. I don't know if its an interference issue or what...
It always regains connection right away but I fear that one day the monitor will lose connection while I'm asleep, P will wake up, and I won't hear him. 

Now that we've had this monitor for a decent amount of time, I would have to say that if it was my money being spent on the product, I wouldn't repurchase it. But alas, it is not. If I had it my way, I would have done THIS. I think it's a genius idea and actually talked to Emily {her blog} about how it works. She still uses it and has never had any problems.