A Nanny Rant...

I am a nanny. I am very active on twitter and I see what other nannies write. There are hundreds upon hundreds of "nanny problems" anonymous accounts who retweet problems nannies are having that we can, for the most part, relate to.

The other day a tweet was RTed that I had a major problem with. Not due to the subject at hand, although I disagreed with her tweet in it's entirety, but because the girl was a nanny with a public account who was judging and ridiculing not only her bosses but parents around the world.

The tweet essentially said that if your child can feed and dress himself, he doesn't need to be breastfeeding anymore. If you knew me, you'd know that I believe in extended breastfeeding. It's been proven that breast milk has nutritional value past two years of age. It's something I plan on partaking in when I have children, but I think breastfeeding in general is an extremely personal decision.

My friend Molly responded perfectly: "It's none of your business. Just because it's not the right choice for you doesn't mean it's not for them. How dare you judge them!"

My point is, that if you can't be supportive of the family you work for, as long as what the parents are choosing to do isn't harming the children mentally or physically, don't work for them. Just don't do it. You make the rest of us look bad when you bitch about how much you hate your job. The rest of us enjoy what we do and you're making us look bad. Your judgey attitude is completely inappropriate and you have absolutely no right to talk like that about your employers.

The end. :)


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Julie said...

I agree, to each their own on the breastfeeding but more importantly, twitter is not the place to be exposing all that!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

What an awesome post!! Thank you for speaking up about this. I totally agree, to each their own. And we don't have a Nanny, but if we did, I'd want one that could support the decisions we're making.