My Week of Confessions [1]

Today I'm linking up with Paige and Samantha for My Week of Confessions!

1. I confess that I haven't been eating paleo for the past few weeks. I have good intentions but my work schedule that been super crazy. I can't wait until next week when I'll be back to working 8:15a-6:15p, four days a week.

2. I confess that I'm stoked that today is my Friday. I have a five day weekend too. Is that even considered a weekend?

3. I confess that I haven't even started the book for Blogger Book Club. I should probably get on that... I have been reading though! I'm currently reading Blog Inc. by Joy Cho. I have so many books that I want to read this summer. It's going to be awesome!

4. I confess that I have an entire list of things that I want to blog about, but that I need to take photos for, so I just haven't done it. Maybe I'll do that on my five day weekend.

5. I confess that over the past few days, I've prayed multiple times for God to hurry up L's teething process. He's currently getting four top teeth all at once. It's awesome. #sarcasmfont

6. I confess that I should really take a shower right now instead of in the morning (because I'll probably wake up too late), but I'm not sure I'm going to. So.tired.

What are you confessing this week? 


Ashley Lee said...

I am about to join in on this "confession" post! Love it! Oh & what is paelo?

Paige @ Sticky Note Addict said...

Thanks for linking up, Elise! Sorry if I haven't been very active in blogland, but you know I'm keeping up with you! I'll send up a little prayer about L's teething as well, my cousin was teething last time I babysat him and just a few hours was a nightmare!

Samantha Bender said...

Thanks for linking up with Paige and me! Your blog is absolutely adorable, I love it! Long weekends are seriously the best. And I am so bad about taking pictures... I need to take some more often.