Day 14: The Ten Things [Catching Up]

I'm playing catch up from when I was sick last week! The prompt for today is: Ten things that make you really happy. I won't be including J, my family and friends, or my job in this list because I feel like those are no brainers. Of course they make me happy. Lets hone in on the little things.

1 // When I make it on time to work without rushing, like Friday morning. It was heavenly. I have a thirty mile one way commute to and from work everyday and the drive has to be perfect in order for me to make it without rushing.

2 // When days at work go near perfectly. L naps on time and for long enough. Meals are able to be made and are eaten without going cold. The dog is good and doesn't make me want to lock him in a bedroom.

3 // Sending and receiving snail mail. Because I know that the little note I wrote will most likely make my friend's day. I love receiving mail because I get to display it on my bulletin board and reply to whomever I received the note from!

4 // A clean room. Do I really need to explain this one? I'm busy. My room can get messy sometimes. I also enjoy basking in the awesomeness after I go on a cleaning spree. I know I'm not the only one. :)

5 // Cloth diapers & babywearing. My favorite cloth diapers are AppleCheeks. I am currently on a three months long no-buy for both cloth diapers and wraps/carriers, with exceptions of course. So come August, my stash will be growing. :)

6 // Weekend getaways to the lake. The first one of the summer is next weekend over Memorial Day! (:

7 // When my hair cooperates and doesn't make me want to chop it all off. I love my long hair, I really do, but it needs a trim and to be styled. I've been rocking the messy bun more than usual lately.

8 // Being organized and knowing of plans ahead of time. You guys know what I'm talking about, we all know people who wait until the last possible minute to plan things- whether it be big events or just hanging out. My weekends often fill up a few weeks ahead of time. Sorry, bro. A huge helpful tool for this is my Erin Condren Life Planner! I use the iCal in my phone as a shared calendar for J and I. My LP holds those plans, plus things for myself, school, work and my blog.

9 // Long, hot showers. I get in trouble for using too much water all.the.time, you guys. I just can't help it.

10 // Window shopping. I could go to the mall or different stores everyday for a week and not buy anything. Not including Target. BUT, I can walk out of Target spending less than $10. Holla!

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