that excited me.
1. All thing "country". Rodeos, bullriding, country music, line dancing, horses and livestock, etc. Yepp, I totally don't belong in Orange County, CA.
2. Organization. Okay, i'll totally admit that my room is a disaster. There is a stack of papers that I need to file away as well as a stack of books I need to either mail back to Chegg or sell to a used book store. But you all know about my Erin Condren purchase, which I should be receiving ANY day now. I'm so excited! I've also put a closet organizer on my Christmas list.
3. All thing fun-fetti! Seriously. Best cake/cookie/cupcake flavor EVER. I could eat them until my belly aches.
4. Baby/toddler stuff. With all the cool carseats. strollers and new gadgets out there I can't get enough. I also have a Graco Nautilus (carseat), Veggie Tales CDs, and a Carters diaper bag (Giraffe print) on my "Christmas List That's Not for Me!" list...


Monday Blurbs

- I think I just became addicted to Etsy. Like seriously. Everything is SO creative and awesome! Every child in my life will be receiving crayon wallets for Christmas this year, including my monkeys. They're genius!! I will review them when I do so.

-There needs to be relationship rules, like in general, for everyone. I was at the laundromat last night and some guy was complaining and being an asshole about having to HELP fold his own laundry. His girlfriend? She wanted to cry. I could see it in her face. I wanted to say something to her boyfriend/ husband, about how he better learn to appreciate the things she does for him. Then call him a douche bag and walk away. But I refrained.

-My Erin Condren planner should be shipped sometime this week, their website says approximately Friday.  That means I really hope it will be at my door step on Monday, because its traveling distance is only like forty miles. I can't wait for it to get here! (:

-I have a field trip on Friday. It's lame and I really don't want to go. But I have to, for my class. I could be working and making money to spend on Christmas gifts. I also kinda started Joshua's christmas present, but I still feel frazzled about it. He's excited about it (:



Christmas Time is Here

Today, all whilst trying to patiently wait for my Erin Condren (check her stuff out, here) planner to be shipped, I have been planning the holiday season. As of right now I know the following things...our plans for Thanksgiving, what I want, what I'm making for Joshua, what I would like to get for various people in our families. I also know the dates and times of various parties that we need to attend.
One thing I'm thankful for; that Joshua reads slowly and that I can speed read (: I left my Stickies app open on my computer with my to-do list on it...he started reading it. Then, I noticed and covered my screen. QUICK STATUS. This all happened in an urgent form because, on that to-do list, is the ordering of the supplies I need to make his gift. Everything is from a VERY specific website. He would've known and I would have been disappointed. SO, thank God for my fast reading skills.
One thing I realized today, men don't plan ahead. I was trying to ask Joshua what he wanted to get a few people, including both his brothers, for Christmas. His reaction: I dunno, I don't even know what I'm gonna get for people. Then I came to the rescue. Me (something along the lines of): I've thought about it. How about you just help pay for stuff and before I buy anything I'll make sure you like it, too. Him: Okay. Sounds good.
**I am happy with this reaction. I like the giving part of Christmas because I like to pick out things I think people will like. It's my favorite part. <3**


On A Longer Note...

The new Footloose movie? AMAZING! Kids, I'm not even kidding. We're talking about-to-piss-my-pants-because-I-need-to-pee-but-don't-wanna amazing. Julianne Hough, Kenny Wormwald, and Miles Teller...match made in movie heaven. Absolute favorite character is Willard, he's absolutely hilarious!
"Boner killer."
"Hotter than socks on a rooster."

Thats all I'm gunna tell you. Because you need to go see it, like right now. Like get out of bed, put some clothes on, grab twenty bucks and GO.
Even Joshua liked it. We were the only ones in the theater and laughs our asses off almost the entire time. He told me afterwards that he felt like dancing, even though he didnt know how. So now I'm making him go to IncaHoots soon (:


You're Welcome.

One of my favorite covers, EVER. Better than the original, in my opinion.