Nanny Life; Tips When Hiring

Because I feel the need to edu-ma-cate all you parents out there that are/ will be hiring a nanny at some point. (:

1. Don't lowball us. Yes, we are aware that there are "caretakers" out there that charge like $25 per day. Did you find them on Craigslist? Mhm. Please know that we are professionals and this is our career. There's a reason we charge a large hourly rate, we know what were doing and we good at our jobs, not to mention we're educated. Most of us continue our eduction constantly and take a few classes a year. Don't act shocked when a nanny you're interviewing is asking $15+ per hour. There are tax and minimum wage laws that we abide by. Look into it before you decide to hire.

2. If you interview a lot of us, let each nanny know their status. If they weren't hired, call them and tell them and explain why. It doesn't have to be full of detail, but those things parents tell us help us grow and become more marketable in the future...

3. As for the nanny you decided to hire: extend an employment offer in writing. Make two copies, one for you and one for her. That way there's no guessing if she's for sure going to work for you and so she knows she's off the market. Do it as soon as you decide.

4. Get a work agreement, before your nannies first day. It's a legally binding document that protects all parties involved and includes all details of your arrangement. There are free ones if you know where to look, but I don't think I'm allowed to tell you. Do your research. ;) You can also find one you pay for, or have your lawyer draft one for you. Once again, two copies.

5. Career full-time nannies often require that you give paid vacation, sick days and personal days. You get those at your job right? Right. We spend 8-12 hours a day with your kids. We deserve breaks too. The standard is two weeks vacation that we use whenever we want (you can't force us to vacation when you vacation, its illegal), five paid sick days and two to three paid personal days per year.

6. Be open to it all when you decide to hire. I've seen it countless times where people put that they ONLY want someone over the age of twenty-five. Don't limit yourself only due to age. I'm twenty-one and have been a nanny since I was eighteen! I went from being a swim teacher, to working 35+ hours a week with three kids. Yes, this is my career & yes, I take my job very seriously. Nannies are like case-by-case situations, we're all different.

7. If you want your nanny to have TDAP and Flu vaccinations, make it be known. Whether you post an ad or work with an agency, we want to know this stuff before we even think about accepting a position.

I'm going to make this a series, so stay turned. ;)


*Keyk* said...

Obviously I love this all. The ONLY thing I may not agree with 100% is the age thing. It IS for sure case by case because you and I are equally amazing, ahem, SUPER Nannies but we are 8 years apart. HOWEVER... we are both very mature for our ages and stages in life.
Also people looking for Nannies that will be with older school aged kids may need/ require a Nanny with a college degree, or perhaps to be a certain age to rent a car on vacations or something like that. LOVE. Maybe we shall co-write one about things NOT to do. Like forget to pay your Nanny... SO RUDE.

Ioana-Carmen said...
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