Why didn't anyone say something!?

We've all seen this picture. The one where the Prince of Cambridge is being put in the car by his Royal papa. This is the picture that is driving me, as a CPST, absolutely nuts.

I understand that they were in a rush. That they are Royal. That they were just trying not to mess up in front of the many, many reporters outside the hospital. But they did. They didn't properly secure their son in his carseat. Carseats in England (and most other countries) don't have chest clips. but he isn't secure and the straps are so incredibly loose. Not to mention that he is still swaddled.

If I were William, it would've been my first priority. Because, you know, nothing like your mother dying in a car crash to make you more aware and cautious. But he didn't and it hurts my heart. I wish that someone in the hospital would've corrected their mistake. I wish they would've read the manual or chosen to be educated before the Prince's birth by a carseat professional. 

But alas, what's done is done. I hope they have learned from this mistake. We shall see. 


Desiree Macke said...

My thoughts exactly!
When I saw that photo I couldn't believe my eyes. Let's hope they're now educated on how to properly secure the little Prince in his carseat.

Kiera Kurak said...

I'm not even a carseat safety advocate as much as a lot of people, and this bugged me. I knew about the chest clip, but at first glance it looked like the kid wasn't even strapped in at all. I'm just amazed they got away with it being who they are.

Beach Bum said...