My Trip to THE Joyful Abode.

Two weekends ago, I went to visit Emily and her two children, Anneliese and Joseph.
I knew her not only from her blog, but also from our interactions on Twitter, Instagram, and from our brief meeting at MommyCon Las Vegas when I bought a wrap from her.

My goal for the weekend was to let her take a nap, as her husband was deployed at the time, and caring for two toddlers alone with no break is exhausting. Although that didn't happen, she was able to accomplish "all the things" while I was there. Do you follow me on Instagram? I posted pictures of our weekend on there!

My time there was nothing short of amazing and the things I learned from Emily, although she wasn't intentionally teaching, were invaluable to both my present life as a nanny and my future life as a mother.

Her cooking was absolutely out of this world. Everything was absolutely amazing, but my two favorite things she made were Paleo Banana Nut Waffles (without the nuts) and Lemon Garlic Chicken with Green Beans & Potatoes. I don't normally like fresh green beans, but they were super yummy cooked this way. Since being home, I've already made the chicken dish once, and it will definitely be added to my rotation.

We had such a great time and now that her husband is home (Yaaay!), I'm sure she'll be getting plenty of rest and down time. She's so, so sweet and you need to go check out all her links. Mmkay? (: I promise you won't be disappointed, especially if you're crunchy like us!

Emily: Flickr // Blog // Facebook // Twitter

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