Making My Heart Ache.

I have a few more posts to before I finish The Parenting Series, but bare with me as a empty my brain on a completely different subject...
Tonight, I was driving to go babysit at a home I’d never been to before. In fact, I’d never even heard of the city, but I have cared for this particular baby a previous time. As I exited the highway, I started passing dairy farms. One after the other, all in a line. 
For those of you that don’t know, I was in FFA in high school and 4-H before that. I raised meat production animals for eight years, from 6th grade to the year after high school. I can operate on a farm, I know what to ask for at the feed store and how to treat bloat. I have nerve damage in both feet from being stepped on by 1,200 lb. steers. I’ve had my fingers and hands smashed in gates countless times. I love it. All of it. It’s been such a huge part of my life, and I originally went to collage to get a degree in Animal Science. 
Any who, as I passed these dairies, I turned up my country music louder than normal. Dairy after dairy, my heart began to beat more rapidly & warm as if it were smiling. Then I began thinking how horribly I wanted that. Not necessarily to live on a dairy or working farm, but on a piece of large piece of land; with gates and agriculture projects & enough space for my children and pets to play. 
There are only three things in the entire world that I want so bad they make my heart ache. 
To be Joshua’s wife.
To have children & be able to be a stay at home mom.
To live in house like I described above.
I don’t belong here, not in Orange County, anyway. There’s a known horse/agriculture town in the next county over. I’d love to live there one day (:
Happy Weekend! 


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...

So. Nothing came of the interviews, except connections to an amazing agency specializing in newborns and multiples. Whom I hope to work with one day. I've emailed and applied for A LOT of jobs. So many I've lost count. I've received nothing in return, no emails & no calls. Why? Could be my age. I'm young for a professional nanny. Only twenty-one. Maybe my going rate. Invest in your child's caretaker; is all I gotta say.

After about a month of no income, I was blessed by a "former" client, aka parent. You know, the one who does the hiring. I still work for her every so often on the weekends. So today I attended this little man's first birthday party where she asked about my situation, she knew I was out of work, and she told me there were a few days I could work for her and when she would need me. 

Tonight she offered me a job. Part-time, enough to pay my bills. Leaving enough room in my schedule before school to try to find another job in the afternoons. I LOVE HER. She is my saving grace. 

I'm hoping to fill the void in my schedule with an afternoon job at Equinox, in the Kid's Club. Fingers crossed for that one. (: