Since I've Been Gone.

I've been gone a while. Y'all want a recap of whats happened since my last post? Not counting the one from yesterday.
1. I got a job.
2. I went to the International Nanny Conference in Las Vegas.
3. I quit my job.
4. I interviewed for another job, two weeks ago.
5. ...and another, yesterday.
6. Spied on my angry neighbor, last night. 

Ha. Things you might ask...

You finally got a job, why'd you quit so soon?
In short, parental views didn't match in any way & I thought it be best for me to bow out and let them find what they were real looking for in a Nanny.

You went to the INA Conference? Was it like a giant Nanny party?
Erm, no. I learned A TON, and have the notes to prove it. I got to meet my closest Nanny friend, Keyanna, as well as Sue Downey! Both are amazing ladies & I can't wait to see them in October at NannyPalooza! 

Why are you such a nosey neighbor?
His windows are open, as are mine. If you don't want me to spy on you through my kitchen window, don't yell so loud...or close your windows so I can't hear you. Just sayin'. 

Any Q's? Ask away! 


I'm Back! Took Me Long Enough...

I hope y'all didn't abandon me. ;) It been a long journey, that's too long for one day. So I'll be explaining everything in a later post. I promise to blog more consistently, especially on my search for another new job and my journey of moving out of my house.

Today I'm going to link up with Gentri for her 7 Questions link-up. I plan on doing this every Sunday, so if I don't feel free to bust my ass. (:

1. What is your favorite style for home decor? (eclectic, modern, shabby chic, etc.)
I don't specifically have a favorite style. I can appreciate a good mix and I definitely think it depends on the room I'm trying to decorate.

2. What's the best trip you've EVER been on?
Hmm. I haven't been on too many vacations in my twenty-one years. The only real vacation I've been on was a cruise to the Bahamas, Cozumel and Cayman Islands. It was fantastic, but a very long time ago and we got stuck at sea for an extra three days. I get VERY sea sick. I'm you all can figure out how those last three days were for me. This trip takes the win by default. My dream vacation is a trip to Turks & Caicos.

3. If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be?
I've thought long and hard about this, and I'm pretty much just a dog person. Big dogs to be specific...
Kinda like this. 
Or this...

4. Do you snore? You can be honest, we're all friends here. ;)
Not normally. Only when I'm sick, or am sleeping in an abnormal position...like sitting up.

5. Your car breaks own on the side of the road, what do you do?
Erm. Call AAA. Immediately. If they take too long, call J or fix the problem myself. I can change a tire like nobody's business.

6. Item on your wish list lately?
This tote. It's by Gussy Sews and it's SO cute. Just click the link...you know you want to. ;)

7. It's almost summer, what are you most looking forward to?
Lake Nacimiento trips and not going to school. There are lots of memories to be made. <3