Day 24: 3 Worst Traits

I don't feel like being behind anymore, so I'm skipping yesterday's post.
Today's prompt is to talk about my top three worst traits...

1. I can be a total bitch or really forward. If someone says something that I think is rude or offensive, I'll let 'em have it and totally call them out on it and tell them like it is. I'm not sure that this a horrible trait to have. I just refuse to be talked to in a way that is inconsiderate of my opinions and feelings.

2. If I KNOW someone is wrong, I'll tell them so. Especially if I have to the research to back up my point. Mostly when it comes to nannying, carseats, babywearing, co-sleeping, and extended breastfeeding because those are the things that I feel most passionate about.

3. I'm impatient. If I find something I want. I have to have it RIGHT NOW. For example: I really, really want a new diaper bag. The one I have currently is just too big for my needs and doesn't have enough organization components for my liking. I found The Perfect One, but I already have one [Petunia Picklebottom Boxy] so I'm trying to sell one before I buy the new one.


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