Eighty Hours Straight

My second week at work was fantastic!
My one of my bosses was out of town, so I stayed at their house from Tuesday morning until I got off work on Friday at 5p. I was tired by the end of it, but I definitely had a blast spending all that time with P.

P and I are really getting into the swing of things and getting to know each other.
He knows that I mean business and that I don't mess around. I have used the phrase "Nannies always win" a whole lot of times, because we do. I can be more stubborn and hard headed & have more patience than him. I'm learning more of his favorite things, and the reason behind why he chooses not to listen sometimes.

We started the Marble System, where he earns marbles based on good behavior/attitude, helpfulness, and having good listening ears. I take them away also based on attitude and listening ears, but also because he uses "Bathroom Words" sometimes. Which I (and his parents!) obviously find completely inappropriate. It's something that we're continuously addressing and trying to eliminate!

He started school on Monday. He cried when I dropped him off, but was all smiles and so happy when I picked him up at 12:30p. He also ate all his lunch, which is a school only thing because he snacks constantly at home. On Friday morning, I hugged him goodbye and he ran off to play. What a difference a week makes! We also had a trial gymnastics class on Tuesday, which he loved. We have martial arts on Monday, and will be starting swim as soon as they can fit us in for an eval during the week.

We also went to a local children museum on Thursday. Although there were waaay more people there than I expected to be, we made the most of it and had a blast! P has a dairy allergy and doesn't like meat, so I pack a lunch and snacks for any of our longer outings. He's been eating like a champ and is definitely going through a growth spurt right now!



All In a Weekend...

After weeks of our date nights consisting of going to car dealerships, and us being stressed beyond belief about my (lack of vehicle) situation...

I bought a car!
It's a 2012 Honda CR-V LX.
We were going to buy a 2011, but went to the new car section of the dealership and realized the sticker price was only about $1,500 more for a brand new one. That was an immediate yes.
I drove it off the lot on Saturday, June 7th. It had 83 miles on it.
J also bought a new truck on Sunday. If either of us purchase cars within the next seven years, someone please shake us.

This are pretty chaotic at work right now. It's 2:47 on 7.12 and P has been asleep for 27 minutes. In the house at this moment are: the handyman, MB's sister (who is helping them unpack), the exercise equipment people (two guys), The Parent's (M/DB), me, P, and Lizzy (the dog). The dryer repair man just left. We toured P's school this morning, are going back for a visit tomorrow, and he starts on Monday! There is also Salsa Chicken cooking in their slow cooker, prepped and started by yours truly.

The neighbors just came over with goodies to introduce themselves. I love this area because everyone is so warm and welcoming! Their plate of goodies had an Erin Condren sticker on it, which instantly made me happy (: I received my 2012-2013 planner yesterday, and I luuuurve it. Review? You got it!



Friday's Letters; 7.6.2012.

Dear P; I've only been your nanny for a week, but I love you so much already. You are a typical, high energy four year old and you told your mommy you didn't like me today. But that's okay, because I know you do. I can tell we're going to be best buds soon. I can't wait until you move into your new how so we have the space you need.

Dear Boyfriend; I love you. Things have been SO stressful lately because of my car situation, but I thank you for trying help me with what I need. Even though you don't understand why I've picked the cars I do. The effort is appreciated and I'm so excited for our vacation later this month.

Dear Enterprise; I probably won't rent a car from you ever again. I think it's ridiculous that I'm going to have to pay $431 for my car this week because you gave me a luxury car. That's not what I asked for but thats all you had. I'm pissed at you.

Dear Weekend; If nothing happens but car buying for both J and I, I'd be perfectly happy.

Dear 4Runner & CR-V I'm Looking to Buy; Please pass pre-purchase inspections. Kay thanks.

That's all I got. 


Happy Monday!

Well, well- long time, no talk.

To be quite honest, my life has been fairly boring since I got back from New Hampshire. I still don't have a car of my own, which is getting waaay too expensive. Not to say I haven't been looking. Because P is a busy kid with lots of activities, I keep a lot of "accessories" in my car at all times (i.e.- wipes, blankets, clothes, towels, toys, snacks, etc.), and will be spending about an hour and a half in the car everyday round trip; I have my heart set on a Toyota 4Runner. 

I really love the new body style, but I'm not sure that its in my budget. So I've been keeping my options open and have been looking at anything from the years 2004 to 2010.
I had to wait until today to be able to submit a loan application with the bank I had my last loan with, because my car insurance company had to finish paying off that loan and which went through either Friday or this morning. Apparently my checking account was closed in March, which the last guy I talked to never told me. I'm glad I didn't try to deposit money or anything...

I also started my new job today. The family I work for is staying in a hotel this week and their nanny from New Hampshire is here for a few days, so we're pretty much hanging around. Their dog just got here, so we were waiting for her as well. P is getting adjusted to the time change, and will be going down for a nap after his bath. It's 4p in New Hampshire. I slept horribly last night, but my day ends in 4 hours. I hope I can keep it together.

I also love FasTrak, which is what the tollroads in California are called. I saved about a half hour by paying the $5.50 and taking them this morning. I hope my nanny family gets me a transponder soon, I'd/they'd save $1+ just by using a charge account. That's $60+ a month. As Key says, Bam.