Hey, That's Pin-tastic! Formerly Project Pinterest

Oh, say what? I chose to take my style inspiration from Pinterest this week? Mhm, yep I did. 
I bought a pair of coral jean leggings from Gap when I had a Friends & Family discount (thanks Keyks!) and needed new ways to style them, so I pinpointed on that. Below is the pin that I felt I could work with the most, seeing as how I couldn't buy anything new. 

I'm not fancy enough to have heels and all those crazy accessories, so I kept it simple. I wore this outfit to church, and my lady freshness while taking communion this morning was out of control. ;) Just kidding. But I did feel cute & on trend. 

This is my version. Gotta love the iPhone quality. For some reason I thought my "pinspiration" had a coral scarf instead of necklace, but apparently not. Whatevs. I still rocked it. :)
Scarf: Orginal- Gap Similar- Athleta Shoes: Old Navy Braided Wedges

As always, I carried my Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag in Heather Prestige. I'm a little bit obsessed with my bag, and Juicy Couture in general. 

Juicy Couture is having a 30% off sale on full price handbags & free shipping thru October 30th.
Gap has free shipping on all orders over $50.
Old Navy is having a 25% off sale online & today only!
*I was not compensated by mentioned companies to share their sales with you, just thought I'd share!*


Ashley Paige said...

LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

love it! I love wearing scarves :)

Elise Michele said...

This is actually the only scarf I have, & I love it.
Old Navy has some striped infinity scarves on sale right now that are SO cute!

Thanks for reading! (:

Elise Michele said...

Glad you love it! (:
I have a gnarly blister from those shoes & all I did was wear them to church. :X


Katie said...

You look adorable!