This Is Now

L has decided to split his naps lately. So instead of taking two, two-and-a-half hour naps; he's taking four, hour-and-a-half long naps. I'm not down with this.

I watched the episodes of Duck Dynasty from last night. Si is freaking hilarious. I don't watch a lot of TV, nor do I have one in my room at home. I have three or four shows that I watch regularly, and two of them are on Hulu Plus.  I'm behind on Bones and Bunheads. I watch Duck Dynasty and Amish Mafia at work during nap time.

I like lists, A LOT. My to-do list is a full page long. My Erin Condren Planner is my life line and I've figured out a way to use it that works for my needs. I also just ordered (and received) business cards that match my planner, I got the smallest quantity (60) because I'm getting a new planner in June. They are of fantastic quality and I'm incredibly happy with them.

Money would solve a lot of my problems right now. I'm sure I sound like every other twenty-two year old out there, but its true. There are both things I want, and things I need to pay for. My Friday job is over in ten weeks (the mom is a teacher) so I'm thinking about getting a retail job, or working at the swim school I worked at after high school. I want to be able to clear my debt, with the exception of my car, without dipping into my nanny salary.

My dad is doing my taxes instead of me having to make an appointment and pay to have them done. This is exciting, because I'm cheap and it's not something I want to pay for.

There no reason that I wrote this, besides the fact that I feel like most of my posts are structured, informative, and well thought out. This is what I'm thinking about, and what's going on with me, right now.

Happy Friday, y'all (:
Anything on your mind lately?


Ashley said...

Amish Mafia seems far fetched, but so entertaining, isnt it?!

Elise Michele said...

Yes, but I love it. Haha. I'm sure something lik that exists, but probably not to that extent. The newest episode is craaazy.

Kate said...

I do not miss the baby napping days! I hope L's naps work themselves out!

Elise Michele said...

He's normally SO good, especially in the mornings. He is sprouting two teeth though, sometimes I forget that! I still give him an A for effort. (: