5 for Five

I just got back from picking up the boat with J, and I totally forgot about this post. Luckily, Paige posted hers early and that's what reminded me to write mine. Thanks, girl. (:

1. Waste no food. I came SO close to meeting this goal. I threw away four strawberries and leftovers that were supposed to be for lunch, but I forgot it in my car in the morning. Which is totally gross. 

2. Do something outside the house with L everyday. Nope. the weather wasn't super awesome, but no excuses. This week is supposed to be awesome! Beach day, say whaaat?

3. Continue to work on weaning L off the swaddle. Did it, boom. He's still handling it really well. 

4. Post three other blog posts this week. Close but no cigar. I post two others. Have you seen them yet? (: better go check 'em out! 

5. Continue eating paleo and try not to be discouraged when I hit an accidental speed bump. Yepp, owned it. I didn't do perfect, by any means. I had fake whipped cream once, and ate bread two or three times. Out of twenty-one meals, not including snacks, I don think I did too shabby. 

It wasn't the best week for goals, but hey, what can you do. There's always next week (:

1. W-a-t-e-r. It supposed to be pretty warm this week. I need to keep my water intake up! I'm also going to start offering L 4oz. of water on a daily basis from a straw cup so he gets the hang of drinking out of one by the time it get's super warm here.

2. Blogging. I want to post at least three times weekly from here on out. That shouldn't be hard, considering all the rad things that are going on this summer.

3. Turn in my paper tomorrow! Pretty sure I'm the queen of procrastination, y'all. I have a seven page paper due tomorrow. Luckily, it shouldn't be too hard to whip out in a day or two. ;)

4. Leave the house! Argh. L and I need to get out more.

5. Come up with an awesome Mother's Day project for L to "do" for my boss/his mom. It's her first one (duh.) and I want it to be awesome!

Happy Monday!

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