5 for Five; Sweet Success!

I DID IT! I completed all five of my goals for the first time ever.


Last Week:
1. Keep up my water intake. I'm considering this a success. I only missed one out of seven days because I forgot my water bottle at home.

2. Get my snail mail sent. Got it handled.

3. Wash my makeup brushes. Yuuup. BOOM.

4. Research products on EWG. I feel like I could explain my story. I'm looking for a new, low-toxin laundry detergent. I've had lots of awesome recommendations, so now I just have to make a decision! If you're curious, I'm currently using the Honest Co. Laundry Pods.

5. Make an appointment at Genius Bar. It's for Tuesday at 1:00p.

This Week:
1. Do my hair everyday. Not gonna lie, I look like a raggin muffin at work most of the time because nobody sees me. I rock the sleep hair look.

2. Put away my clean clothes. I tend to like to live out of a laundry basket. ;)

3. Walk at least a mile everyday. I got new running shoes, I need to break them in so I can start running!

4. Waste no food.

5. Deep clean my room before I leave to go out of town on Friday.


Paige Ladisic said...

Congratulations on meeting all of your goals! That is awesome :) I'm hoping I can meet at least four of mine this week — baby steps.

Also, I really, really, really love your color scheme! It's so cute.

xx, Paige

Julie said...

I dislike putting laundry away that it literally just sits on my floor - but its folded!

Ashley Lee said...

yay for cleaning your brushes! lol. I still havent! && I HATE putting up clean clothes! I have a few piles that are taking over the couches from yesterday! I HAVE to do them tonight! :P