Friday's Letters; A Link-Up.

Todays link up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds...Friday's Letters! Like you couldn't tell from the title. Duh, Elise.

 Dear June Gloom- Goo awaaay. I like sun. Sun and summer go hand in hand. We had all of fall and winter to do this little dance.

Dear Neighbors- The fact that your Chihuahua barks 24/7 and you don't bother to take him inside makes me SO angry with you. I'm not the only one whose taken notice and is bothered by it. If you don't want to make your dog a part of the family, don't get one. Simple as that. I tried to go over to ask you very kindly to take your dog inside last night...
You weren't home. It's beyond me being nice, now. I will call Animal Control on you, again.
Also, I fed your dog cheese through the gate.

Dear Boyfriend- I hope the pork chops I'm making for dinner are good. Oma is helping me, so they should go well, but I'm still a little bit nervous. I love you.

Dear Texan Family- I can't wait to see y'all at Christmas, it's been way too long and I miss you SO MUCH. Hopefully I can convince a certain someone to come with me this year. (: I can't wait to explore San Antonio with you. A, I'm so proud of you. Welcome to real life. I love you guys!

Dear Self- You're awesome. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. You've been blogging nearly every day just because you have the time. I'm so glad you're staying consistent. Now go read the book you said you were going to finish yesterday.

Sleep Update- I feel asleep at 12:40a! Still a work in progress, but definitely an improvement. I've been falling asleep watching Netflix, as I don't have cable or a TV in my room, but last night I fell asleep in silence. I think the change is what I needed and I'm going to start reading at least thirty minutes before bed.

Peace out, beauties.

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Anonymous said...

Ew. Who gets a dog and leaves them outside all day and night!?! Stupid people.

Have a good weekend.
Glad I found your bloggy blog :)