Timi & Leslie Dual Bag: First Impressions

Remember back when I said I was in search of a new diaper bag? Well, I finally got one. I decided to get the Timi & Leslie Dual Bag in the Farrah print. I love the bright colors! I have been doing tons of research and finally decided on this one.

One of the big reasons I purchased it when I did was because it was on major sale, marked down to $30 from $80. I'm not sure if they're discontinuing the style or just revamping it. I love it so far, so I really hope they keep it around.

I've only had it for about a week, but wanted to give you a peek into what I have packed in here before I do a proper review. We're going on several long outings over the next few weeks, so I really feel like I'll be able to get a good feel and opinion of the bag over this period of time.

I totally carry my Erin Condren Life Planner everywhere I go, no matter what. It fits perfectly in this back zippered pocket.

There are these items kept? Clockwise: Front, small zippered pocket that has three mesh pouches. One of the large pockets that is divided in two, especially for diapers and wipes. The other large, main pocket is also divided. The clothes go in one side, and the snacks, formula, and toys go in the other side.

Not pictured: a small emergency kit, and L's bottle that I keep in an outside bottle pocket. In the other bottle pocket is where I keep my phone. My keys get clipped to an inner key fob and my ID & cards go in the small magnetic flip pocket in the front of the bag.

This bag also comes with a messenger style strap as well as stroller straps. Other companies charge extra for the stroller straps, so I'm really glad they we're included with this one!

I'm loving it so far, and can't wait to share a full review of the Timi & Leslie Dual Bag with you!

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