Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.

Congratulations to Ashley, who won my birthday giveaway! 

Today is just a normal day. I don't fell older, or any different, except I'm tired, I need a nap, and I'm about to beat down the neighbor's door for waking L by playing the drums. Are you freaking kidding me? Pissed nanny, right here. He's sick and needs as much rest as he can get. Hopefully I can get him to go back to sleep. He's pissed off and still super tired. He needs this sleep. 

I have my third night of school after I get off work today. Then a family shoot, and possibly a cake smash shoot tomorrow before J and I go out for date night. This weekend is going to be super fun and full of birthday meals with different family members.

On a different note: I'm going on vacation during 2nd week in September. If you'd like to guest post, please email me for further information. In your email, please include an idea of what you plan on writing about. :)


Julie said...

Happy happy birthday!

Ashley Lee said...

Happy bday girl! & thanks!!! I am happy i won! I cant wait to get me a EC planner!!