20 Chore Tuesday! [3]

Last week I didn't participate. Womp womp.

- Kokadi Mandalina Ice wrap
- Easycare #25 WCRS
- Corso Como boots
- Bluetooth headset (if I can find it)

- Put Kim pictures on CD
- Put Abby birthday pictures on CD
- Organize and delete pictures
- Find Fall babysitting jobs
- Post child care ad

L's 1st Birthday:
- make invites
- mail invites
- make shopping list
- order ugly copy of VHC
- wrap gifts

- clean desk
- prints receipts from email
- clean out diaper bag
- car wash
- mop room
- clean S' car seat base

Must do all the things! I really hope that by the time this goes live (writing this on Saturday night), at least a few of the things will be crossed off the list. Especially the things pertaining to L's birthday. It's just three short weeks away!

Emily is traveling with her family right now, so there is no link-up, but I need to keep myself accountable!

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