20 Chore Tuesday! [2]

Just like last week, I'll be linking up with Emily today for 20 Chore Tuesday. I'm loving this link-up, and find that my Tuesdays are incredibly productive because of it. I've been trying to find my link-up "groove" without going overboard, and think I've found the perfect balance for me!

Last Week: 
1. Eat lunch.
2. Eat dinner before 7p. I ate at about 7:30p...
3. Run to the grocery store.
4. Feed L Turkey Dinner for dinner at 5:30p.
5. Cook chicken & green beans.

6. Load dishes in the dishwasher.
7. Clean living room.
8. Sweep.

9. Clean out car.
10. Get a car wash.
11. Write BWR post. Didn't ever happen. Taking a break I guess? 
12. Pay for MommyCon Portland. Not yeeet.
13. Buy babywearing bag. Haven't deposited the check.
14. Check movie times. J did this. 

15. Figure out new daily log. 
16. Packing list for babywearing playdate. We didn't go.
17. Wash diapers.
18. Go to the library. 
19. Order L birthday invitation. I'm thinking about making them now, I only need three.
20. Make a grocery list.

This Week:
1. Target.
2. Old Navy.
3. American Eagle.
4. Active.
5. Post Office.
6. Bank.
7. Boot Barn.

8. Try to go to playdate today. 
9. Sweep.
10. Meal ideas.
11. Email MB activity ideas.
12. Plan school time. 
13. Stuff cloth diapers.

14. Clean desk.
15. Put away laundry.
16. Read 100 pages of July book club book.
17. Post items on eBay.
18. Meal plan.
19. Work out schedule.
20. Catch up on blog posts.

I'm really hoping to get this all done today! This week is busy and full of exciting things!
What's on your list today? 

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Shirley said...

Elise, I love this photo of you. Interesting website....thanks for sharing...I am not on facebook much. See you Thurs with Abi......Hugs from Nana