Shooting Saturday!

As mentioned in this post, Joshua and I went shooting on Saturday with his step-dad and little brother. Of course I brought my camera and got some awesome shots!

J just finished building his AR-15, so we had to take it out for a spin. A big issue for me with shooting is the kickback of whatever weapon I'm using. I feel like I have less control of the weapon when it's really big, so I choose smaller caliber weapons to use.

J's gun has the same kickback as a 20 gauge shotgun, which is what I normally shoot with, so I was super excited! The only difference is that it was suuper loud. Louder than I was expecting but not as loud as some of the weapons that other people we're using! By the way, the ear protection we used that day totally sucked. Time to invest in the legit stuff. I'm totally asking for a pair for my birthday next month!

They charge by the clay at the shotgun range, so we use two shooters to avoid wasted clays. He's my favorite person to pair up with, obviously. :)

Have you ever shot a gun before?
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Desiree Macke said...

What an awesome day! And, you got some great photos!