Family Fun Weekend

A few weeks ago, my cousin decided on a whim she was going to spend a week out here in Cali. And that she did. :) I haven't seen her in a few years so it was nice to get to hang out with her. The next time I see her will be at her big brother's/ my cousin's wedding next year!

We planned a few really fun days! We spent all day on Friday at Disneyland, went to bunch on Saturday morning, then went to the Angel's game and saw Billy Currington perform afterwards! It was amazing, and so fun.

Here are some pictures from our weekend. Happy Saturday!

I swear we went to other parts of the parks besides Cars Land. These just happen to be my favorite pictures. By the way, we grabbed fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers first thing in the morning. Our return time was between 3:30-4:30p. When we got there, the normal line was TWO HOURS long. Holy crap, y'all. I don't even think we waited 20 minutes. 

We tried to buy wrist bands to go down onto the field, but they were sold out. Boo. We got to the box office at 7:45p and they sold out a 7p. We just wanted to see Billy! My favorite part of this picture is the two couples dancing off to the side of the crowd. He performed at least eight songs, including Hey Girl, Must Be Doin' Something Right, and my personal favorite, Don't.


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