What is Whole 30?

As mentioned in previous posts, I have had a lot of trouble in my paleo journey as of late. Things have been busy, I've had family visiting, etc. I just haven't been on my game.

One major part of eating paleo, and eating clean in general, is making sure that you have time to grocery shop and prep. For me, this absolutely has to happen on the weekend. My work weeks are too hectic and busy to make that happen. Ideally, I'd grocery shop on Saturday & prep and cook on Sunday. Obviously people like to plan things on the weekend, but I just try to work around things I have going on.

Enter Whole 30.
My friend Emily is the one who turned me onto a paleo diet when I went to visit her a few months ago, she also does Whole 30 a few times a year. When I first heard about it, it seemed like an extremely daunting task and I didn't think I would be able to do it, but now that I have fallen further and further away from paleo, the more I know I need to do a Whole 30.

What is Whole 30? Whole 30 is a thirty day program that cuts out food groups that could be having a negative impact on your health, fitness goals, and digestive system. It's essentially a reset for your body, and it's exactly what I need right now to get back on track. I have gotten all information I have from Whole 9 Life.

I decided that I wanted to be informed as possible so that I could do this 100% correctly. I put together a folder that has everything I need in it, including my calendar and weekly meal planner.

In my folder you will find:
Whole 30 Program
The Butter Manifesto
Whole 30 Shopping List
Whole 30 Meal Planning Template
Weekly Meal Planning Sheets
July 2013 Calendar

I'm super excited, and can't wait to get started on Monday! :)


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