New Monday Link-Up: 5 for Five

I've decided to start a new Monday link-up! I still love 'Hey, That's Pin-tastic' but don't always have something to contribute. So, I've decided that I will be doing 5 for Five every week, and when I have something to contribute to HTP, I will just do two posts.

How It Works:
     1. Set five goals that you want to accomplish over the next five days of the work-week.  
     2. Share your goals with all of Blogland.
     3. Power through that list during the week.
     4. Come back the next week to share you how did.
     5. Set some more goals for yourselfand repeat!

Pretty simple, right?
For the week of February 4th...
  1. Get myself up to three scheduled blog posts. They will not go up next week (due to Valentine's Day goodies), but I want to have them there and ready. I like knowing that my readers will be able to count on something being posted, even if I'm having a really busy day!
  2. Drink 64 ounces of water per day. I have a Life Factory water bottle that I've been using to help me drink more water- because it's cute, duh. I was doing really well for a few weeks, but have stopped as of late. I felt a ton better when I was drinking more water, so I'd like to get there again.
  3. Read two (out of four) of the library books I checked out last week. They're due back ON THE 19th.
  4. Purchase and start reading my book for history class. We had to select a book from a reading list to read and write a seven page paper on, I decided on In The Devil's Snare. I'd like to finish this early to get it out of the way, as it's not due until the thirteenth week of class. 
  5. Keep up with my studies! We have a take home quiz due Tuesday night and I'm getting my book today. That's a little too close for comfort! I plan on doing my homework on Wednesdays while the babies are sleeping, from now on. 



Anonymous said...

I love this link-up, I do it every week! :) I like your goals! Scheduling blog posts is good. It's such a relief when you have no time that day for anything and can just go in and press 'Publish' really quick! And good luck with your library books. I like how you added the due date in all caps haha. I'm terrible at returning books and always end up with like a $5 fine!

Elise Michele said...

I always end up with a fine too! It's bad. I'm actually at work right now, and have my first book ready to start reading during the next nap time!

Jenn said...

YAY! So glad that you've linked up with us! We absolutely LOVE having new friends link up with us :) I hope that you find it as encouraging and motivating as we do! You've got some great goals for the week ahead. I could SERIOUSLY stand to work on number 1 and 2, too! I hope you'll join us next week and let us know how you did! Thanks again for linking up!