If I Could Turn Back Time: Blogging with a Purpose

I'm having a lot of fun linking up with Becky of From Mrs. to Mama for this series! These prompts are really making me think and are producing some really great posts. This week's prompt is "If I could turn back time and do some thing over..."

It's not widely known, but Joshua and I dated for a few weeks before we really started dating. He asked me out in late October 2009, and I broke it off a few weeks later. I did because I was scared because I know it was real, even at that moment, just a few weeks in. I would go back in time, I wouldn't have broken up with him. I thank Him everyday that we were led back to each other a few months later and have been together ever since. Our anniversary is January 11, 2010. :)

Wow, that was really short. But that's the only thing in my life that I would go back and re-do. I loved my high school years, and am loving where I am in my life currently. Working more and going to school less has led me onto this amazing career path. Without it, I would've never found out about the things I'm most passionate about; like baby wearing, natural birth, cloth diapers, and breastfeeding. The path my life has taken, has allowed me to become more aware of things that I would've never been exposed to before. I would never wish to take that away from myself.

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Ashley Lee said...

Me & the hubs split while dating a few times. Always ended up back together! :P

Petchie said...

You and your husband were definitely meant to be it sounds like from this! and thank you for sharing and being so honest!