July Cara Box Reveal- Nautical

I am so incredibly excited to share my July Cara Box with you. The theme for this month is Nautical, which is right up my alley. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know it's one of my favorite things; from anchors, to navy & stripes, to all the crustaceans!

Desirée from Macke Monologues was the one to send me my box this month. After emailing back and forth all month, we realized we lived in the same general vicinity of Southern California! She definitely nailed this one, you guys. It was SO amazing and fit my needs and wants perfectly.

Here is an excerpt from the letter she wrote me:
"On your next nautical trip I hope your Cara Box has all you'll need for a perfect time:
- some reading material as you cruise about.
- plenty of nautical inspired snacks to keep you full.
- a spill proof cup in case the waters are choppy.
- nautical inspired nail polish to show off your bare toes.
- sunblock and lip balm to shield yourself from the sun.
- fun note cards to help pass the time as you lounge.
- and a cute bag to tote it all in."

Without further ado...

I love everything Desirée included in my box! I totally already have those note cards but I'm so glad she decided to include them. I almost bought some when I was shopping for my buddy! The Chips Ahoy are gone and the Cracker Jacks have been opened. I just couldn't help myself. I'm not going to the lake again until Labor Day, but I'll definitely be bringing everything that's still around (aka, not the snacks) with me. Thank you so much, Desirée! 
Cara Box

To see what I decided to send by partner, Ashley, go check out her blog. Ashley and her husband recently adopted the most adorable baby girl, Ellie. They live on a farm in Washington with horses, chickens and goats, how stinkin' awesome is that!?

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