5 for Five

I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica for this week's 5 For Five! Do you have today off? I do, and I'm spending the day doing homework and laundry. I'm saying no to procrastination. ;)

1. Drink 32 ounces of water per day. (3/7) I did okay, but not stellar. The last half of the week was awesome as far as water intake went. I was pushing 64 ounces for two days this week. Making my way to my goal. Yeeah!

2. Check out my selected reading book for class, read The Nanny Book, and with one more leisure book from the library. Ideally finish the book on J's iPad as well. We're you able to keep track of that? I decided to return The Nanny Book, and check out two leisure books from the library. My selected reading book for class had to be transferred from another branch and is waiting for me once the library opens on Tuesday. I'm about halfway through the book that was on J's iPad. I downloaded it to my phone. The books from the library are: Gone by Michael Grant, and Divergent by Veronica Roth. The book on my phone is called The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton

3. Not let my Valentine's Week be a flop! I did everything I wanted to do, with the exception of the craft, which couldn't be helped. We're going to finger paint this week! Should be interesting. :)

4. Work on my bedtime. Fail x7. 

5. Get enough veggies, and bring my food to work everyday! Didn't get enough veggies, ate out for lunch on Thursday. I went to Ruby's. Got a BLT on Sourdough bread. I'm kind of obsessed right now. I could eat one everyday.

1. Finish my study guide for class. Divide my selected reading book into a dedicated number of pages per day. I only have the book for three weeks, if someone else wants to check it out.

2. Read, and engage B more on my days with her. Obviously we read and do fun things, but I still feel like I could be doing more for her.

3. Finish my Vehicle Emergency Kits for B and L. These are definitely in progress and I bought some semi-ugly clothes for both kids at a second hand shop over the weekend. If the clothes are too cute, I'll take them out and use them. See what I did there? :)

4. Sell my Britax Boulevard 70-G3 so I can buy a Diono Radian RXT for L. I need to clean it and post it on Craigslist. Which is so, so bad. But I intend on using the opportunity to teach the buyer about proper child restraints and showing them how to properly install it.

5. Finish the book on my phone and start one of my books from the library.


Ashley said...

Wow -- Im impressed with how much you are able to read in a week! I could never keep up with that many books all at once! Good job! [Hopping over from 5 for Five!! ]

Jenn said...

Thanks for linking up with us again this week! You've got some great goals for the week ahead, too! Good luck- I know you can do it :)

Elise Michele said...

I'm totally not reading all those at once! I'm reading one class textbook, The Deepest Cut (I'm about half way through) and will start my selected reading book on Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by! (:

Elise Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jenn! (: