Whole 30 Meal Plan: Week 1

Here is my meal plan for my first week of Whole 30! There is no structured meal plan, so I went off the grocery list and made meals out of things I like. Now, I'm a super weird picky eater. I don't like a lot of things on the grocery list. So by the end of the month, you will definitely be able to tell which foods I love, and which foods I definitely don't like.

Also keep in mind that I'm don't have a family or husband to feed, which results in a lot of left overs, although I don't mind. My work schedule plus the drive make prepping food after I get home torturous as I am normally absolutely starving by the time I get home. I get off work at 6:15p, and my drive is about 45 minutes. Add on food prep and cooking time and I would be eating every night around eight o'clock. Now you understand my love for leftovers? Kay good. :)

My meal planning sheet is from The Joy Cottage.
Don't know what Whole 30 is? I can help with that. :)
What is Whole 30?, as well as the reasons why I'm participating... 

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