January Favorites That Aren't

I haven't worn makeup or really done my hair all month, with the exception of a date night or two. At work, nobody sees me (a majority of the time) with the exception of the babies and their parents. I have to wear my hair up in some sort of bun because when I wear L on my back, my hair gets in his mouth if I don't.

I started school on Tuesday and my class doesn't get out until after ten o'clock, making my day about eighteen hours long. Then the next day I care for two babies instead of one for a greater part of the day. That makes for one tired nanny/ student come Wednesday night.

Someone found my blog by using the search terms 'nanny day in the life', so I've decided to work on that. Every week I have three different schedules, so you get three versions of my nanny day in the life. Ready for this chaos?

This weekend is Supercross. I'm stoked, so is J. Of course, pictures will be taken, the scent of racing fuel will fill the air and fun will be had. Ready for a throwback?

Taken January 23, 2010. We'd been dating for thirteen days. Apparently the way to a man's heart is by buying tickets to amazeball sporting events. ;)

Happy Friday!

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