San Diego Zoo & Some Firsts...

*Warning: I'm a nanny. I'm about to talk about poop.*

Last Wednesday was a big day at work. It was also full of firsts...
It was the first day I would drive more than 45 minutes one way with L. It was also his first ever zoo trip, therefore the first time he would see wild animals up close. We also had a first that day that was together. It was the first time that I'd ever experienced a poopsplosion, and I do believe it was also the first time L had ever had one.

This poopsplosion was not that of the normal type. Oh no. It was semi-solid poo that was so large in volume that it leaked out of the legs of his diaper. When did I notice that he'd had this leakage? When I picked him up to watch two leopards squabbling in their exhibit. Do you feel me? IT GOT ON MY CLOTHES. Majorly.

I then had to walk through the zoo with poop all over my shirt, as well as the poop that was all over L, trying to find somewhere to change him and try to clean up the mess. I ended up settling for a shady spot along a pathway. Gross to some, but I'm glad I did after I realized the nearest bathroom was way too far to walk to with shit everywhere.

I also had to buy a new shirt. You know, the souvenir type with some sort of zoo animal on it. Mhm. The closest exhibit to us after the ordeal was the polar bears. I now own a navy blue shirt with a polar bear's face on it that I've lovingly deemed my "shit shirt". It turns out that it fits me really well and it's become one of my go-to work shirts. I don't know how "hot nanny" that is, but oh well!

All in all, it was a fantastic day! I loved getting to see L explore visually and am so proud of him for doing well when he was tired even though we weren't in his normal nap environment.

Please share your poopsplosion stories with me! I know I'm not the only one... I was super embarrassed and tried my best to handle it quickly and quietly, even though I don't think that's possible when you and your baby are covered in poo.

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Julie said...

When my niece K was born, we were visiting at the hospital and I was holding her and realized she was becoming uncomfortable, her facial expression was showing it. My bro in law took her back and the moment he did, she had her first poop of being born and it was an explosion as it was her first one. It came up and out of the diaper, all over him and his hands. The funny thing - her facial expression was calmer after that.

On a different note, the SD Zoo is on my bucket list. I want to see the pandas!