Cora The Camera

I finally invested in a Nikon D3100!

I couldn't handle the poor quality of the photos on my blog anymore, and I want to be able to capture the little things in life- especially while I'm at work! L and B are growing everyday, and I want to be able to capture special moments for their parents. Especially for L, his extended family lives quite the distance from him and don't get to see him everyday. 

I also had a hovering Pin It button installed. So, if you see a post you like and it contains a photo, you can pin it straight to Pinterest! That being said, I will try to include at least one photo per post so that this is an option. I'm beyond thrilled to be able to provide my readers and little space in the interwebs with better photos. 

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! 
See y'all on Monday.

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Julie said...

Yay for upgrading. That's something I eventually want to do in the future.