Toddlers Love Valentine's Day!

On Wednesday, during my nanny share, we had a little celebration. Nothing big, just B's first time ever having waffles and a yummy themed lunch! I planned on doing a craft with B but she took a three and a half hour nap after lunch.

She had organic blueberry waffles with a bit of syrup for dipping and apple sauce, for breakfast. I gave her one waffle but she ate two and all her apple sauce. I wasn't expecting her to get the hang of dipping but boy did she learn fast.

Lunch was heart shaped pasta and red sauce, with carrots in B's...because I'm sneaky like that. :)
The Valentine pasta was purchased from World Market. I wasn't expecting much from it in terms of taste, but it was ah-maz-zing. If you can get your hands on it, do it. B LOVED it and had two helpings!

We hope your Valentine's Week was as spectacular as ours!
Happy Friday (:


Kate said...

Oh my gosh I could not take that pasta mess! But I bet B had a great time making that mess :)

Elise Michele said...

She LOVED it...until I had to give her another bath. We're having issues with baths right now.