Spread the Love Blogger Swap!

Last month, two of my favorite bloggers Erin & Megan joined forces and created the #SpreadTheLove Blogger Swap. I received goodies from Julie

Everything is so perfect and I love it all! She also included sour candies that were SO good (I think they were Lifesavers Gummies) I ate them too fast to photograph them. :) I can't wait to burn that candle! Thank you so much, Julie! 

Want to see what I got my swap partner, visit Amy's blog! 


Julie said...

Yay it all arrived in one piece! Glad you enjoyed your goodies :)

Erin said...

Haha- I cracked up that you forgot to get a photo of the candy bc you were eating it ;) I almost opened my bag of trail mix before a photo but I remembered at the last minute!

Thank you so much for participating!! I got a candle too, yay :)

Elise Michele said...

I love sour candy, so I was practically drooling! It HAD to be opened immediately. :)