It's Friday, BUT...

It isn't my Friday. I don't get one until next Friday. Because...
I am staying with L this weekend while his parents take their first baby-free trip!

I would complain, if I hated my job and all, but I don't and I'm so excited to be staying with L & Beckett.

I have permission to take L to a family birthday party on Saturday afternoon, which I'm even more excited about. I talk about him all the time but nobody knows what he looks like and now I get to introduce him to everyone! I get to snuggle with my bug for over 24 hours straight! :) Happy Nanny!

*Dear L's 1st Tooth- If you could give us a break until Monday, I'd appreciate it. Kay, thanks. If you decide to have a mouth party over the weekend, be quick and mostly painless, and please happen during the day. This nanny would like at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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