A Day in the Life- Nanny of a 5mo.

L is 189 days old on the day this took place, February 5, 2013. 

6:15a- My first alarm goes off. I press snooze as many times as possible before I get up.

6:45- Actually get up and get ready as quick as possible. Skip cute hair, throw it up in a ponytail. Finish packing breakfast, lunch, and stuff for class. If I don't leave by 7a, I'll be late. 

7:00a- Leave. Take a different way than normal because I don't want to pay the toll fee of $4.60. Take notice that the swells are super small and mentally compliment myself on my tsunami evacuation plan. There are some places where the beach gets really close to the road and they would definitely be washed out in the event of a tsunami.

7:45a- Made it on time! Get attacked by the dog because he's stoked that he doesn't have to be alone all day. Get filled in on how last night and this morning went. L was last fed at 5:30a. Boss leaves for work. 

7:50a- Start a fire! This is a beach house, no central air or heat. Also turn on the TV to watch the news. L plays on the floor.

8:00a- Puppy joins me on the couch.

8:02a- L decides he needs cuddles too. Can tell he's starting to get tired, decide to feed him early so he doesn't wake up hungry. Routine: gripe water, 4oz formula, gas drops, burp.

8:15a- L is asleep.

10:35a- L wakes. We play and have snuggles until 11a when he gets hungry, so I feed him again. Then we play until 11:30a.

11:30a- L naps until 2:15.

2:20p- Feed, then floor time. L sleeps from 3-4p and wakes as I try to tranfer him.

4p- More floor time. He's getting more and more content playing with toys, as long as he's sitting up. Tummy time s no-go as of late. We're working on it. I also put in his laundry and start to work on the mornings dishes during this time.

5:30p- Feed L, then let him play some more. This is when I finish the dishes, switch the laundry and pick up our messes from the day before The Boss gets home from work.

5:45p- Baby takes a mini nap before his mama gets home! Wakes up at 6p because the dog barks at my boss coming through the front gate. He (dog) is very excitable. Talk to my boss about the day, discuss how much the baby is, review plans for tomorrow, and I change for school.

6:35p- Leave for class. Get there at 7p, which is good because I thought I was going to be late.

7:15p- Class begins. US History until 1886. We turn in homework, meet in groups for an upcoming project, professor lectures for about a third of the class, then we watch a movie.

10p- Class gets out. Discuss the night with J, and see if he's going to come over for dinner later in the week. He does, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Thursday. We've tried to go on the weekend two different times, an hour and a half wait or more both times!

10:30p- Leave school. Get home about fifteen minutes later.

10:45p- I'm home! I fart around, take a shower that was way too long, text J the homework, catch up on YouTube, eat Chipotle from earlier, and check Twitter and Instagram.

1a- Lights out.

Are you tired, yet? I am. This is my Monday, Tuesday and Thursday every week. :)


Kate said...

I love day in the life posts. I miss those baby days!

Anonymous said...

So precious. He's a cutie!