Day in the Life: Nanny Share

I nanny share on Wednesdays. These events took place on February 6, 2013.
L is 5 months old and B is 16 months old.

6:15a- Original alarm goes off. Press snooze a billion times, waiting until the last minute to wake up. I'm pretty much a zombie this morning. Long days on both Tuesdays and Wednesday exhaust me. I put on clothes from class last night and grab leftovers from last week so I can throw them out at work. I have a 7-day rule when it comes to food, if it's older than seven days I won't eat it. My Oma has a cow if I throw away food at home. 

7:00a- Leave. Take the regular way to work, where I pay the toll. I can't risk being late to work again. Need to leave earlier so I can take the free, long way. Already looking forward to nap time. 

7:45a- Arrive at B's (16mo) house. Am told that they bought me Pepsi, which I am thankful, especially today and get a run down on how the morning went. We watch Baby Einstein until it's time to go across the street to Stink Bug's house. 

8:15a- Gather things and walk across the street. Get filled in on the morning and unpack our lunches. After my boss leaves, I let the babies interact while I make myself breakfast and eat- today it's a bagel and cream cheese and a Pepsi. B has learnt where a bink goes, and keeps giving and taking away L's. He's not excited.

8:45a- Ask B if she wants to eat, by both signing and speaking. She says yes. I give her apple sauce and cantaloupe with water. While she eats, L goes down for his first nap of the day. I also set up B's pack n play and let her play quietly and independently before her nap.

10:15- Give B 4oz of almond milk in a sippy cup before her nap. We recently discovered that she is lactose intolerant, so now she drinks alternative milks. She is asleep by 10:25a. I come out to the living room to see that L is awake, on the monitor. Go get him and feed.

11:00a- L is back to sleep. I join him. We snuggle sleep, with him on my chest.

1:30p- L and I wake. We go wake up B and ask her if she wants to eat. She nods her head 'yes' eagerly. Lunch today is: a pulled pork sandwich, pasta w/ veggie sauce, cantaloupe and water. I also feed L at this time.

2:15p- B's mom picks her up. L and I play for a few hours. I try for another nap (him, not me) but it's a no-go. He eats again at 4:10p and has some floor time afterward.

5:00p- L is down for a nap.

6:20p- Boss is home. Fill her in on the day. Lot's of chit chat and talk before I leave.

7:00p- Leave work. Go pick up my mom so she can stay over at my house tonight. I also pick up dinner since I left work late.

8:00p- Get to my house. Fart around. Watch Bones and GCB (on Hulu Plus) & catch up on blogs from today. I typically try to do this during one of L's naps.

12:30a- Lights out. I know this is late. I need to improve on my bedtime and be more productive in terms of getting things done at night.

What do your days look like? I'd love to know!

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